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Oh how I pray we could all take the blinders off our eyes so we could see ourselves the way in which God created us. Oh how I pray we could remove the cataract’s, the blurred and cloudy vision we have been trying to see out of and realize we were chosen out of this world, being created with a purpose and for a purpose. Oh how I pray that we could embrace the reality that we are called to be set apart and we were never meant to fit into the crowd. 

I know this is a HARD truth to inhale in since so many of us just want to be acknowledged, sought after, pursued and “liked” by the popular crowd. BUT let’s keep this honest and real. The popular crowd is not always the nicest crowd. The popular crowd does not always have your best interests in mind. The popular crowd more often than not wants you to fit into the box in which they want you to be and not who GOD created you to be. The popular crowd is more often than not quick to judge, quick to label you, quick to be jealous, envious and quick to dispose of you. The popular crowd isn’t always the best crowd for you to grow in all that God has called you to be and the popular crowd is not always the one cheering you on in life’s victories. 

My prayer for you today is that you stand out for Jesus and not for your friends. That the only popular crowd you follow would be the crowd walking down the long and narrow road as they are chasing after Jesus. 

I pray that you would finally see the depths of your beauty, the depths of who God created you to be and that you would see the depths in which God sees you. I pray that you would be comfortable enough in your own skin, in your own calling and in your own purpose that you would not waver to fit into the crowd. I pray that you would surround yourself around like minded people that encourage you, build you up, speak life into you and call forth your God anointed gifting. I pray you would surround yourself around people that recognize the journey that you are traveling, choose to come alongside of you and pray you through instead of setting grenades off on your property, using any tool or weapon they can get their hands on so they can to tear you down. 

I pray that you KNOW you are right where you are supposed to be and God is calling you to bloom where you are planted. I pray that you KNOW you are an amazing child of God and I pray that you KNOW you are more than enough. I pray that you know that in your standing apart from the crowds, that you are seen, that you matter and that you are deeply loved. I pray that you KNOW that God has His hand on your life and that He has extraordinary plans for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans that give you hope and future, (Jeremiah 29:11).

Oh how I pray that you do not get caught up in the “others” but stay focused on the lane God has called you to run. Not everyone will understand your calling BUT your calling wasn’t a conference call. The road God has chosen YOU to walk is a different road and that is OK. Today, let go of the hesitation. Let go of the things holding you hostage. Let go of the things that are keeping you in bondage and let go of the things you are carrying around that are just too heavy to hold onto any longer. Surrender your ways to His lead and allow Him to guide your steps as He paves the way. 

The shaky, unsteady, the bumps and the unknowns, they are in your pathway for a reason. They are there to cause you to stop so you can allow Gos to purify you for the more. Do not run from them. Embrace them and allow God to stretch you through them. Your growth cannot happen if you don’t slow yourself down enough to get watered in the places you have been dehydrated in. Allow God to pour His living water into your thirsty soul and allow Him to quench the desires you have too fit in because those people, those places, they you were never meant for your journey.

Trust, lean in and allow God to do a mighty work in and through you. You were NOT meant to fit in precious one. You were chosen and set apart. Embrace those truths and stop pushing it aside. Complacency wasn’t meant for you, but extraordinary is.

Take all that God has placed before you and thrown your way, the good, the bad and the ugly and USE it all to dream, to create and to have a vision outside of the box you have placed God in because all those things, they aren’t fantasy. They are the things, the purpose the more that He has placed within YOU. Stop running from them. Stop trying to reason your way through them. Stop procrastinating and start creating. Take them all, write them down and strive for them. Surrendering your will to HIS and watch God unfold one miracle after the other. 

Y’all this isn’t just for you, I am preaching to myself here. It’s time to start recognizing your gifting, your anointing and it is time to RUN with it. Do not feel guilty about it or ashamed by it. This is who God created YOU to be. So now take it, walk boldly in it and do some Holy Spirit damage in the kingdom with it. For HE has prepared YOU for such a time as this.

Know that you are loved and I am interceding on your behalf, praying for you before the throne room, standing in the gap and covering YOU in prayer. I have a big heart for you to know the depths of who you are and who you were created to be. So, now be still, tap into those areas in your life that are seeking the more and ask God to show you just how magnificent you are.  For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb,” (Psalm 139:13)

Love y’all and praying you through, in Jesus name AMEN