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Just a reminder for today.. YOU are Gods masterpiece. He does not make mistakes, therefore you are NOT a mistake. Everything about you was intricately woven together to make you, YOU.

You are the exact piece of the puzzle HE designed to fit into His master puzzle. He deigned you, He created you, He chose you. You, every morsel of your being was thought out and strategically placed within you because YOU will reach and impact the masses, bringing heaven onto earth, just the way He created YOU.

So breathe in that you are not a mistake. Breathe in that you were created with a purpose and for a purpose. Breathe in that everything about you is fearfully and wonderfully made. Breathe in that you are precious in God’s eye and that YOU are the breath of fresh air He breathed into existence. It is time to stop rejecting yourself and it is time you begin to embrace all of YOU.

I am praying that today, as you go out onto your battlefield, the one in which God has called you to walk in, that you stand in a posture of surrender. I am praying that you stand in a posture of release and in a posture of expectancy. I am praying that with every breathe you praise the Lord and that you speak the name of Jesus. I pray that you allow Him to rip off the veil that has been clouding your vision so that you will be able to see the TRUTH in whom He has created you to be. I am praying that you stop running from yourself and embrace the broken, shattered and dismantled pieces of your life, knowing God will redeemed and resurrected it aIl. I am praying that while in the refiners fire, that God reminds you that He uses all things for His glory and good. I pray that you will see with one hundred perfect clarity that you my friend are a beautiful masterpiece of The Most High and that He has sealed you with the blood of Jesus.

Walk in bold confidence today knowing you are His and that He delights in YOU.

Love you all and praying you through ❤️??

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