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Pastor Robert Madu spoke yesterday on the Water to the wilderness which was an AMAZING sermon. A few things that stuck out were these:
When Jesus was baptized, It is the first and only time in scripture that all three God heads were present. Important important concept to grasp. While being baptized God he father spoke over Him saying,” This is my son, whom I love: with Him I am well pleased.” (Matthew 3:17). Before Jesus did any miracles, healed anyone, turned water into wine, multiplying bread, God look at Him and said, “I love you, you are a child of God and I am well pleased with you,” profound words right here..¬†and profound words for each of us. We don’t need to do ANYTHING, understand this. We do not need to do ANYTHING to get this love from Him. Pastor challenged us to live through these words because they are pivotal and can change the course.”I am LOVED, I am a child of God and He is pleased with me.” Those words NEVER change. No matter what we do, or don’t do for that matter. We are loved, we are children of God and He is well pleased with us.. BREATHE that in today.
Pastor Robert Madu also reminded of this TRUTH. Jesus did NOT need to be baptized. He was perfect. There was nothing in His life that He needed to leave behind. Meaning when we are baptized and go under the water, the old self dies off and is to be left behind and when we immerse from the water the NEW Self is face to face with God. There was and is nothing to die off in Jesus. Y’all He did this for US. For you and for me. He was baptized so that we would know, see and embrace the exquisite lavishing love God has for us. Jesus was thinking and acting on our behalf during His baptism. Amazing, jaw dropping, in blissful awe TRUTH..
Another key point he shared was this. The word of God is our weapon. Immediately following His baptism the spirit led Him into the wilderness. God always takes us from the water to the wilderness. It’s gonna happen, we are not exempt. It happened to Jesus IMMEDIATELY following His baptism. As soon as He was immersed from he water, about to start His ministry, He was taken to the wilderness for 40 days. In the wilderness the enemy stood back and observed Him, watched Him and on the 40th day, in His weakest most vulnerable moment, the enemy attacks, questioning Him and who He is. The enemy came at Him with scripture, twisting it in a way that was harmful BUT Jesus knew the scriptures and came back at Him with TRUTH.
In the water, His baptism, God spoke His truth OVER Jesus and while in the wilderness the truth spoke THROUGH Jesus..
y’all meditate on this today… there are amazing seasons in our lives where we know and feel the presence of God and there are seasons we are in a drought, in the wilderness. We need to embrace all of Him and be in His word, His truths because when in the wilderness we need to know His word and use it so what was spoken OVER us can now be spoken THROUGH us.. Profound truths right here
I also challenge you to start each day, and speak it over yourself multiple times in a day,
I AM LOVED, I AM A CHILD OF GOD and HE IS PLEASED WITH ME.. I have already written it out and hung it on my bathroom mirror so it’s the first thing I see in the morning. Nothing can change these words being spoken over you. NOTHING..
y’all praying today your day is filled with an abundant amount of love and blessings and that you begin to see, embrace and walk in this supernatural, divine truth..
If you are in the wilderness and need prayer, or if you need prayer in general, please contact me, message me and allow me to pray over you and will you.
love y’all big