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Wow the truth in this quote is chilling. Not all of our wounds that we experience in life are obvious or evident to the human eyes. Some of us experience deep wounds that cut to the core of our soul. We have experienced things that have more often then not defined us, who we are and most put their identity into these hurts and pains. The hurt for so many is so deep that  they have masked their pain by either putting on a “fake” happy face, depression or anger. Some self mutilate because they want a visible reason to why they are experiencing so much pain and some turn to other addictions to try and forget or  dull out any source of pain that burns a whole in their hearts. Just because an injury or wound isn’t visible to the human eye doesn’t mean the pains and hurts within the soul aren’t  bleeding and damaging a person, shattering all the hope they once held onto.

Since we don’t always know all that one has or has not experienced we need to look through a broken lens. We need to look at others how Jesus looks at them, with a deep love and compassion. We need to be Jesus in the flesh. Pouring out an abundant amount of love, directing others to the light and hope of Christ.

The reality in all this is that no matter how hard we try to move past the wounds we have experienced, without Christ the wounds that are embedded deep within cannot be healed without the loving all encompassing presence of the Lord. We need to be willing to dig deep, be positioned before him and allow him to meet us in the darkest areas, allowing his love to pierce through so that his light would shine through. What would once  put out darkness will now radiate light.

We need to be different and realize we live in a fallen and broken world with so many people suffering from deep emotional wounds. If we don’t look out of a broken lense and we don’t see past the “masks” people put on, seeing the injured, damaged, shattered souls before us, showing them an unconditional love they have never experienced before,  they might never experience the freedom that comes from knowing HIM.

Lets step out of our boxes and allow God to use us in extraordinary ways. Let’s become aware of our brokenness and ask God to heal us of our own wounds so that we can go out and share the testimony of great God is, how he met us and how he brought freedom to a shattered soul. Let’s love on people without boarders or any other expectation then positioning them before the throne room so they can meet HIM.

Our God is greater and bigger than we can possibly fathom. We need to stop placing him in our little complacent boxes and allow him to do what only he can do. Come alongside the broken-hearted and crushed in spirit. Lavish people with his love in such a way they want to run into his arms because that is where they feel safe and freedom. Allow him to use each and every one of us to bring glory and the masses to his faithful kingdom and allow him to heal, resurect and redeem ALL things.

He is mighty, he is capable and he is the GREAT I AM. He will never leave us nor forsake us and he will not fail us. Trust, seek and you will find everlasting love that will bring you to complete freedom

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭34:18‬ ‭NIV‬‬ ☺️