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Truth. We should never look at opportunities or circumstances as a loss. They are either a win or a space to learn and grow. It’s all about perspective. If we look at it and believe we have failed or didn’t “win” we are looking at this arena in a wrong space. We need to go into every situation with a mindset of bold faith, with a competitive spirit, and a heart open to be coachable.

Sometimes in life, it isn’t about being the best and winning. There are moments in time that the Lord places us in a specific location, or situation to stretch us. We are placed in certain circumstances to get us out of our own ways and our own mindset. There are moments in time we are exactly where we are supposed to be, taking the loss and standing in a posture of humility as we we are stripped of some baggage that is keeping us from fully walking in the “winning victory” of Christ. Sometimes what may feel like a gut punch because we didn’t win is actually the blessing in disguise we needed to rid the pride, the arrogance, the entitlement so many of us carry.

Sometimes we are in a certain situation to bless someone or for them to bless us. Maybe they needed that win more than you did because their self esteem and confidence was dwindling and they wanted to give up on their dreams, their desires. Maybe, just maybe the “loss” is what we needed to get out of our own cheering section so we can cheer on our fellow brethren?

Let’s begin approaching life with an attitude, a posture to receive all that God has before us. Yes, don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to win and get the recognition and trophies but it is also amazing and humbling to be stretched. To be coached and to pushed outside of the boundaries you have placed yourself in. Sometimes it’s just amazing not to win so you can see the next growth spurt God is watering in your life. Maybe the loss came because you felt the g tears was greener on the other side, the other team but God actually placed you right where you are supposed to be so you can bloom where you are planted. Remember this journey, it is not all about you. Win or loose, everything you do and are doing is to be done as though you are doing it for the Lord.

Remember, God uses all things for His glory and good. That doesn’t stop when it comes to you. It actually begins when you say YES in obedience to His voice. When you say YES to being coachable and YES to walking in bold faith, no matter the outcome because you know that there is growth, there is development, there is progress within each and every situation you position yourself in and allow yourself to encounter. Your attitude, your posture, your availability to be coached depends on your mindset. Your win might not necessarily come in a trophy but the win, it will come in how you perceive your experience and how you treat those around you. Sometimes the win is just knowing you made a difference in someone else’s life. Sometimes the win is that you were transformed in the process. Sometimes the win is knowing you defeated the enemy from trying to steal, kill or destroy your game, your peace and your mindset. Whentevr the case, know you won when you can walk out of any situation a better person than when you walked in.

Trust the process. Trust His timing. Trust that His ways are better than your own and trust that He is using you, to advance the kingdom. Your worth is more valuable than the win. Be coachable. Be open to learn and stand in a posture to receive the gift of being refined, and molded by His hands.

You are His workmanship, so be thankful that God continues to choose you to work on. To God be all the glory and praise!

Y’all have an abundantly blessed day and know I am warring for you and praying you through ❤️????????