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Something the kids and I have talked a great deal about is being intentional with people that make us feel safe. People that you can be YOU around without feeling judged. People that you take off any mask you are wearing, break down the walls you may have built up and people that push you to be the best version of YOU.

This summer we are ALL choosing to create a space with people we want to get to know better and grow deeper in a friendship with. We want to be intentional about getting to know the heartbeat of a friend, not just walking the road of surface. We are choosing to create intentional spaces where growth, maturity and advancement in the kingdom will brith forward.

We all desire those intentional, heartfelt relationship. Ones that come easy and the ones that don’t require you to run a triathlon to maintain. We desire the relationships in our lives that when someone asks you, “How are you?” That it isn’t just a check your box question, but a question where they truly want to know the patterns and rhythms of your heartbeat. We desire relationships where someone wants to sit with us on our coach, talking life and relationships where time pauses because the depths of the conversations are so transparent and vulnerable that the much needed spaces in our empty hearts become filled.

My prayer for you, for us is that we go before the Lord and seek who those friendships might be that HE is calling us to walk in. Remember God is not calling you to be popular, He is call you to walk alongside those who are like minded. Those that will help elevate and escalate you into all HE has created you to be. God is calling you to take that leap of faith and trust. Trust that He will unfold beautiful, Godly friendships that will build you up and not tear you down. He is calling you to be that different type of friend. The one that loves without borders, meets you on the ground, helps lift you up and speaks life into your heart. A friend that listens, and a friend that shows up.

Be intentional with the ones that you know you want to grow with. Invite them to sit at your table and invite them into that place in your life you have kept isolated in fear of being mocked or judged. Allow them into that sacred place of your heart and make sure you let them know just how special and important they are to you. You never know what your friendship, your words, your showing up might do in someone else’s life. You just might be the angel God has sent to be their saving grace.

Praying y’all through today as God shows you your “intentional” friendships ????????????