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We are NOT called to judge but to LOVE.

I cannot tell you the countless times I have been judged by others and the negative repercussions that unfold because of it.

Listen, we do not ever FULLY know what someone else is walking through, the burdens they are carrying and the pain they might be stuck in.

You never know what chapter in their story you are walking in on. You never know the healing they are trekking through and you don’t know what God is allowing in someone’s life in order to strip them of self so they can fully surrender, trusting and leaning on Him for the next steps in their journey.

One thing I know is that judgment comes way too easy for some people, especially from ones that you have allowed into a sacred place in your heart. Let me give you all a little piece of advice. When someone allows you into their struggles, and what their flesh is wrestling with, you should NEVER use what they might have told you in confidence as ammunition to judge them for a choice they are making or have made.

TRUTH, you will never fully know what God is doing in another persons life to purify them, to shed off grave clothes or to grow them into who God is crafting them to be.

So, before you choose to pass judgement on someone, take a look at your own heart conditions and make sure they are in check. Don’t put your own brokenness on someone else’s healing journey. Your harsh words, your judgmental attitude, well that isn’t what God calls us to do or be. Remember, we are not called to judge but to love.

Speak life over someone instead of death. Speak words of encouragement instead of words that tear someone down and speak love instead of hate. Our tongues are like a double edge sword. Don’t be the reason that someones heart gets shredded into a thousand pieces because instead of hearing their voice and the battles they are entrenched in, you decided to judge them and write them off.

Be wise. Check your actions. Check your heart. Be concerned with what God is unfolding in your own life instead of judging someone’s else’s story. Love on them and let God write the next chapter, not you.

Love you all, praying for you and be a blessing today ❤️