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When the sky is a reminder of the cross.

Praying today you lean into God a little closer as you relinquish the burdens you have taken on, the heavy ones that are weighing you down, the ones that you know you need to surrender because they were never meant for you to carry.

Praying you have moments today where you can sit quietly before the Lord so you can hear the gentle whispers He is speaking into your soul. Praying as you sit there, with your arms wide open ready to receive all that He is bestowing upon you, that you sit in a posture of expectancy, one in which you know He is going before you and paving the way. Praying a downpour of the Holy Spirit. Praying a downpour of His shalom peace and praying a downpour of His anointed healing love.

Know today that God sees you, He hears the cries of your heart and His rescuing grace will sustain you, breathing life back into the areas you have felt have been withering away. Today, know that sometimes in the uncomfortable grace, that you are being pruned, purified, redeemed and restored as He is preparing you for the immeasurably, exceedingly and abundantly more.

Sing to Him with a heart of praise that He hand picked you to travel the journey in which you are traveling through. He hand picked you for this valley. He hand picked you for this mountaintop. He hand picked you for this season and He hand picked you to sit beside the quiet waters. Be still today even if you have a plethora of things staring you in the face because it needs to get done. Trust that God will take care of the little and the big set before you. Today is the day He has made for you to rejoice and be glad in it. Take Him up on His gracious offer to meet you in the unexpected, to meet you in the unknown and to meet you in now.

Come to Him today trusting Him with every ounce of your being and trust that He has called you to the very best in which He has created you to be.

If you have any doubt that He is still a presence in your life, let this picture be a reminder that God is everywhere and His cross brings life, hope and love.

Love you. Going before you and praying you through. Sending big big love and hugs❤️