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Watching your children HURT is one of the hardest things I have had to encounter as a parent. My initial response is wanting to sweep in and save them from the pain of hurt, rejection, feeling life a failure and so on, but that is NOT what God has called me to do. 

What I can do is meet them in their brokenness, in their internal chaos and speak love and truth into them until they come into a place of homeostasis. What I can do is let them know I understand, that my heart hurts with them and lead them to the cross. I can remind them who they are in Christ and I can hold them tight as I pray over them. I can take them from feeling defeated and alone to being in a posture of open arms, ready to receive ALL that God wants to speak in and through them. I can remind them that they are never alone in Christ, that He turns our mourning into dancing, our ashes into beauty and that He uses all things we walk through to create a beautiful masterpiece of our life. 

Yes, it would be easy to rescue them from their hurt but then I would be doing a disservice to them and I would stripping them of the blessing God is trying to teach them through their storm. 

My heart hurts right now as one of my girls is HURTING. We cried tonight, we held one another, and we talked a whole lot of Jesus. She came to me in a posture of sadness and defeat and went to bed joyful in the Lord. 

I can rest tonight in this. If God is for us who can be against us? I am blessed that my kids come to me in their brokenness and are raw and vulnerable with their emotions. I am grateful the Lord is THE core of who they are and that they run to Him for healing. I am blessed they want to hear truth and I am blessed they hear what Is spoken and feel comforted by His love. His grace is sufficient. His grace carries us through and He truly is our strength when we are weak. 

My precious angel is praying for God’s healing hands of protection over her fragile soul tonight and I am praying She has dreams and visions of HIM. God is good all the time and even though my heart aches right now for what my kids have had to endure, I am thankful HE chose us to walk through this. 

Blessed, thankful, grateful, and honored to be walking this journey of life out with some amazing, God fearing souls. We got this, He has us and we are soaring high on the wings of eagles. Yay Jesus 

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