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Isn’t that the truth.

Oh how the purifying and refining journey can strip you of all the comforts you have come a costume too.

Although the roads may be rough and sometimes bumpy, many times leaving you banged up or bruised, when God leads you down a pathway in which He designed for you to travel, He will produce in you the strength and perseverance to tackle what He has called you to do.

When we surrender our will to His and allow Him to lead the way as we walk boldly and blindly by faith, throwing our nets into the deep, we begin to see prayers being answered and miracles unfolding. We begin to take God out of this minuscule of a box we have placed Him in and we begin to see the depths of how big and majestic He is. We begin to embrace the little He has placed before us inorder to receive the BIG He has destined over our lives. When we can fully see outside of ourselves and see that ALL things are used for His glory and good, when we can set our ways upon Him and the race He has called us to run, we will begin to inhale that what He does in and through the journey is absolutely breathtaking.

To God be ALL the glory ❤️