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Did you ever think about how this world would look if we as Christians actually walked in and exercised the gifting’s the Lord has placed in and through us. If we were to put our flesh on the shelf, allow the Holy Spirit to lead us and if we trusted HIM enough to walk in faith? If we loved as Jesus loves, did things out of a pure heart and if we lived in community as God has called us to? Not judging, gossiping, rejecting or wounding people, but embracing them, loving on them and allowing them to experience HIM through your actions.

What would our world look like if we actually took the entire bible as TRUTH, experienced healing’s, both physical and emotional, prophesied, built one another up, encouraged one another, confronted sin, spoke the truth in love, stayed accountable and truly walked out the Acts 2 church, where people gathered and truly WORSHIPPED the Lord. Where they allowed the Holy Spirit to lead and where they shared life together? Where we truly embraced the depths of love Jesus has for us and for all his people and if we truly walked out his kingdom without fear of being labeled and persecuted?

My prayer for myself has been such as this. I want the Holy Spirit and the light and love of Jesus to infiltrated every morsel of my being. That his light would radiate so bright within me that I stand out in the crowd and people flock to me because they see something different about me, they see Jesus in me. I want my life to mirror him in such a way that people are transformed just by being in my presence and that the love I show, the words I speak would be encouraging, uplifting and healing to the soul. I know I fall short on this many of days but my prayer is that each moment of each day I hear, seek and submit to his ways, and his lead. That my flesh would be pushed aside and that the Holy Spirit would come forth, that I would seek his ways and his truths and that I become more and more like him.

My prayer for each of you today is that you surrender to Him and the Holy Spirit. That you allow a great work to be done in and through you and that you put aside your fears and your flesh and allow HIM to infiltrate you with his spirit and that you walk in your gifting’s. That you trust him to lead you beside quiet waters, to be your strength and to equip you for what he is calling you to do. That the light of him shines so bright in and through you that the masses begin to flock to you and want what you have. That you embrace all that God is calling you to do and that you embrace his love for you. That you find a community where you are encouraged, loved on and celebrated and that as a community of believers we begin to stand out. That we begin to make a huge impact in the kingdom and that this world would see and experience HIS GREAT peace, comfort and love.

God calls us to be different yet we seem to be no different then the world. I don’t know about you but I am tired of “fitting” in and I am 100% ok with all the opposition that comes my way, even if that means leaving my safe comfort zone. Revival started with us wanting to step out, experience the Holy Spirit and allowing God to use us, no matter what the cost. Lets be world changers, kingdom changers and lets experience the Truths of His word, where every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that HE is LORD. Are you ready? I sure am.