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A precious friend, Mary E. DeMuth posted this magnificent piece of art she created the other day and well, it has just been a powerful tool that God has used to speak deep within some of the untethered places of my soul.

This past Monday I woke up around 6am to have my quiet time with the Lord. I slowly got out of bed as my body felt as though it just got hit by a Mack truck. This isn’t to uncommon for me as some days it just takes my body a little longer to adjust but Monday was different. It wasn’t that my body needed to adjust, but the heaviness of life, the overwhelming reality of the uncertainty we are living in and the fear of the unknown began to creep into every aspect of life so quickly that I felt as though a bomb was about to explode and mass destruction was inevitable.

At this point I had a choice. I could continue to all allow these thoughts to take up occupancy in my life or I could hold them captive.

In a moment of almost being flatlined by the emotional overload my mind and heart were about to plummet into, I realized I had several pots before me that were screaming to be watered. Pots labeled fear, panic, anxiety, sadness, anger, not being enough, (and the list goes on) were sitting before my eyes. As my half wide open eyes began searching for clarity in the midst of a cloudy fog, tucked amidst all the heavy emotional soil there was a pot that BOLDLY stood out. TRUST.

I am not saying I did not sprinkle droplets of water in some of those other pots because I did. I began tending to them as if I needed to nurture these feelings that were real and I was justified for having. As the heaviness of the moments that followed were not lifting but in some ways intensifying, I quickly began to tip toe around the grounds of the untethered soil deep within my soul. In a harsh, but much needed moment, I dropped to my knees in desperation, surrendering the unstable emotions darkening my day over to the Lord, releasing all of me to all of Him. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline (2 Timothy 1:7).”

God immediately began a resurrection in my soul and as I felt His peace still the chaotic storm within, I stood up, ran over to the pot of TRUST and vigorously showered it with His living water.

I had a choice on Monday. In fact it is an intentional choice I continuously need to make because it is a battle, a cross I need to take up daily. I can choose to be a slave to these emotions and make them my god. Or I can choose to put my faith, my hope and my trust in GOD. And, I will choose God over and over again.

I am not sure what emotions you are all facing today. Maybe you can relate to where I am or where I have been. Maybe you have found yourself watering seeds that you thought were beautifully planted within these pots only to find out weeds were growing instead of the beautiful bouquet you were longing for. Maybe you have been tirelessly walking around the untethered soil within your own soul, sprinkling particles of water on any unattended seed you can find, hoping and praying, “God, please let this be the one that will redeem the desperation within my own soul.” However, the longer you have watered one lifeless seed after another, you have found yourself becoming lifeless, wondering, “Will ever stumble upon the right seed to water?”

Friends, I am here to tell you the ONLY seed you need to water is the seed of God, the seed ofJesus. He is the only one that can bloom life within your dying soul. He is the only one that can still the storm, provide food, water, shelter, finances, health. You name it, He has it covered. Is it always going to be easy? NO. He doesn’t promise us easy. He promised that when the waters become treacherous, He will be with us. When we are thrown into the fire, He will be with us. When the sharp teeth of the lions come roaring at us, He will be with us. No matter what we face and no matter how hard the season, He is with us to guide and carry us through. He will cover us with His feathers as we find refuge in Him. He promises protection, He promises love and He promises a resurrected life in Him.

I am asking you today to not fall victim to the other gods in your life. I am asking you to drop to your knees in surrender to our all mighty and all powerful God. Receive Him today. Lean into Him in ways you have not done in the past. Pray for Him to meet you in those unseen areas and to touch the places you cannot touch. Invite Him in. Allow Him to be the illuminating light that guides you out of your darkness as He leads you to a beautiful garden of His freshly bloomed flowers of hope, faith, and love.

Allow your feet to walk into a new garden and as you step onto the firm soil of Jesus. Take out your water spout and allow that hose to pour out His living water as you nurture the Jesus pot of TRUST. He has you precious one. Let go and let God.

Love you all and praying you through this uncertain season ?❤️??

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