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For everyone who has been so faithful, caring and loving to me and my family as we have walked through a rough season I want to say THANK YOU.
We have been in Arizona now for two weeks and we are leaving today with a better grip on what is going on.

So… basically for how bad I got these past few months I was having drug interactions and the doctors had overdosed me.. Throughout the months of March thru May the docs prescribed me over 12 different strong medications which I couldn’t handle. So all that with the disease Systemic Mastocytosis, in which I cannot take certain meds because it flares the disease up caused me to be as bad as I was. SAD I almost didn’t pull through and it was all due to pharmaceuticals

The neurologist here was fabulous and was confident I did not have any neurological problems but what was causing all the “neurological” symptoms were due to the disease and Poly-pharmacy. I had a Bone marrow last Friday and came back with abnormal mast cells( which is the systemic mastocytosis) the POTS (postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome) test came up positive, GI said IBS and non ulcer dyspepsia. We also met with an integrative health doctor that went over nutritional info and what good foods to eat that won’t cause extra inflammation and histamine releases and we talked about how to live with the stress of these disease along with any external stressors. Great information . We are still waiting on results from other testing and prayerfully a plan of action.

So now we just wait on the rest of the results and course of action. We are all physically and emotionally drained but very excited to come home. John and I are leaving here with a better grip on things and we will see what the doctors say when they call and what we need to do next. Your love and prayers have truly carried me and us through. Still persevering and giving God all the glory. He is answering prayers and healing is coming. We have been walking by faith and boy has HE been faithful.

I am going to change my career path now and be a patients advocate so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Lol just kidding but in all seriousness NO ONE should experience what I and we as a family experienced from all these drugs. Horrible but the amazing thing in it is that God got glorified and my family saw first hand the powerful hands and feet of Jesus at work. And wow what an amazing journey and testimony we can share about His goodness, love and faithfulness.

Please continue to pray for all of us. We still have a long road ahead but we are now running this race with a stronger confidence and knowledge on how to fight this battle.

We love you all deeply and so beyond grateful and thankful for you.