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This girl, she AMAZES me. This past week she has been in an ongoing wrestle with her anxiety.

There are things she is walking through that she has needed to experience the faithfulness of God. She needed to seek His face, His comfort and His provision. She has needed to know that In the midst of her doubt, her storm, that His truths and His promises are TRUE. As a mom, this broke me. To see your child wrestle with some heavy stuff, knowing the ONLY thing I could do is PRAY for her, over her and help position her before the throne room so she could take a posture of surrender before the Lord is not easy. It actually is one of the hardest things for me to do because all my flesh wants to rescue her from the pain.

However, on her own, she wrote out a lament about her anxiety, how it was consuming her and how desperately she wanted to be freed from it. Then yesterday at the beach, she went off on her own and I saw her drawing/ writing in the sand. She came over to me when she was done and said, “Mom, do you know what I was doing? I was spending time with God. I wrote out all the things that were consuming me. The fears, the anxieties, the unknowns and then I let the water, I let God, wash them away.”

Miss Jordyn Grace, in the midst of trekking through HARD this week, sought the face of God, grabbed ahold of His hand and walked the tight rope of trust and faith out with Him. She wrestled, she lamented, she trusted and then she surrendered, confessing all that was encapsulating her and released it to the foot of the cross as it was washed away.

Tears, tears, tears. You ask why I didn’t rescue her from the HARD this week. It is simple. If I did she would have never experienced the hand of God the way in which she did. She would have never truly lamented, surrendered or released the chains in which were holding her captive and in bondage. She would have never known that her steps of obedience in which He was calling her to take would lead to victorious freedom.

The journey we encounter on our faith walk with God is not an easy road to travel. We must strip off some heavy layers of grave clothes in order to be transformed and purified into His likeness. We must take a posture of surrender, allowing God to do a mighty work in and through our lives and we must be willing to say, “Not my will but THY WILL BE DONE.”

That is what Jordyn did. She allowed God to work in her heart this week and through that she got to experience the healing, redemptive, resurrected love of Jesus. There is nothing I could have done to rescue her this week BUT GOD could and He did.

What do you need washed away in your life? I am not sure what you are walking through today or what you are wrestling with but what I want to encourage you with is this. God will meet you in the midst of your hard. He will cover you with His feathers, protect you and provide a safe place of refuge. He will come alongside of you, He will breathe life back into your desolate lungs and He will redeem the shattered, broken pieces of your heart. Your story, it is far from over. It is still being written and the best is yet to come. All you need to do is trust His lead. Trust His ways. Trust He is for you and not against you. Trust that He will make beauty from ashes and that He will redeem it all. Let go, let God and watch miracles unfold before your eyes.

Holding you all close and covering you in prayer ?