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Last night I went to the movies with some friends and saw the movie War Room.  All I can say is wow, and I say that on so many levels.

First of all, I sit in awe of all the movies that have been made, being released and that are in the process of being produced about the Christian faith. It is a bold move on many, knowing the target on their back increases in size when you stand up for your faith to this magnitude and I want to applaud all those that hear from the Lord, those who commit to being casted in the movies and for all those who go and see these films. They continuously challenge you, build your faith and convict you to become a more like Christ.

Secondly, the movie War Room was hands down fabulous. It covered so many areas that Christians are struggling with but don’t stand firm in their faith, convictions and trust in the Lord to carry them through. I believe we are living in a time where Christians feel “comfortable” and “complacent” in their walk and they feel uncomfortable when they are challenged or stretched in their faith. They ignore convictions, fall deep into sin and slowly begin to loose their relationship with the Lord. We are living in a time where lukewarm Christians are fitting into the world instead of standing out as being different. Where it is ok to offend someone and not apologize and ask for forgiveness. Where it is ok not to reconcile relationship, to hold onto bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness and where gossip, slander and deceit have become a norm. We live in a society today where “Country Club Christianity” is acceptable, in fact encouraged and we are living in a time where the church isn’t stepping up to preach the hard biblical truths that we all need to hear but instead they are sugar coating Gods message to gain more attendance.

We are in a time and age where its not ok to just be a Christian. We need to be different, we need to raise up our troops, teach our children he way of the Lord and we need to be in tune with the Holy Spirit, the convictions of the Lord and be humble enough to accept the challenges, areas of growth and have humility in knowing our flaws and being able to ask and receive forgiveness,

I am so beyond tired of living in a time where Country Club Christianity is ok and acceptable. Where its ok to call yourself a Christian yet act like a pagan. I am tired of the surface Christianity that exists all around us and I am tired of the church not doing what God clearing designed and orchestrated the church to be. I am tired of “I am praying for you” being just saying and not an action and I am tired of Christians walking away from a person in despair and need just because it may make them uncomfortable.

I am not sure if those reading this may agree with where I am coming from, and I am not even where you are in your walk. But I will ask you to take some time out of your busy schedule and go see the movie the War Room. It is funny. convicting, heart breaking and powerful. It brings us back to some strong biblical truths and its talks about the power of prayer, grace, forgivesness and reconciliation. The Holy Spirit is all over this movie and the hunger and thirst you leave with to pray more and know more of HIM is astounding. The entire movie was fabulous, but the ending of it, WOWZERS. The power, authority, conviction in the truths being spoken were nothing short of the Lords presence, power and love for us. This movie is a must see.

Finally, I want to pray for each of you reading this. That the Lord will bless you and bring you to your knees as you sit in awe of his faithfulness and love for you. I pray that if you are walking through dark treacherous waters that you would stop and fall to your knees and ask him into your life, to take over and lead the way, To fight the battles you are fighting and to give you enough strength to see just a glimpse of the hope that he has to offer. I pray that God surrounds you with strong mighty worriers that will not judge you but come alongside of you in this journey, that will uplift you, encourage you, pray for you and love on you the way Jesus would. I pray that if you are a lukewarm Christian that God would set a new fire within you that makes you hunger and thirst to know and seek him more and I pray that wherever you are, that you feel the power of His presence and love as he embraces you. Nothing you have done will EVER take away his depth of love for you. I pray that you can receive Him, embrace him and allow him to lavish you with his unfailing love.

Nothing you are walking through is too big or too small for him and remember nothing is impossible through Christ Jesus. He loves each of us so deeply and passionately. His desire is for us to know him, seek him and allow him to lead us to greater depths in Him. We just need to be willing to surrender our ways to his ways and we must surrender our control and allow Him to rule and control our lives. Trust, seek and you will find an unfailing, everlasting God that fight every single one of your battle for you, that will lead you to beautiful waters and that will love you like none else could. You are His first and he treasures every ounce of your being. Surrender your all time him and allow him to be the Lord over your life. You will not be disappointed.