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There is so much truth embedded within these words. It is so easy to come alongside someone who seems to have their lives together. But how easy is it to walk alongside someone whose life seems to be falling apart? How easy is it to come alongside someone who is walking through a dark season, or someone who has been shattered into a thousand pieces? How easy is it to come alongside someone who cannot stand up on their own and needs other people to uplift them, speaking life, speaking hope, speaking love into their lives?

Throughout my journey of brokenness and healing, sickness and restoration I have learned or should I say experienced that not everyone can wither the storm. During seasons when I “thought” certain people should be there or “would” be there, I found they took the back seat and were so far gone out of the picture. Lord knows the sting, the rejection and the abandonment I felt, but as I was traveling through the downward spiral of self pity, God showed me an incredible truth in the midst of it all.

Here is the reality. There is so much truth in the fact that not everyone can wither the storms of life, especially when the storms are not their own. Whether it is because they are too immature to handle it, or it triggers an emotion they have been running from and tucked away or maybe the pain of seeing you walk through the trenches is too much for them to bare? The list could go on as far as the “why couldn’t they stand by my side?” However instead of focusing on the ones that should have been there and allowing rejection to kick into full force, what I realized is that God disperses angels in your life, at the right time, during the right seasons because these are the angels, the people you need in your life to not only breathe life back into your lungs, but to position you before the healing hands of Jesus. These are the people that God disperses to be His hands and feet. These are the people that carry you through the tsunami you are facing without judgment but with a heart of pure love because they truly want to see you persevere and walk in Gods redemptive freedom.

Are the people that walked away bad people, not at all. They are just broken people that for whatever reason cannot bare your burdens. Will it cause a drift in your friendship? Probably as you will not be able to trust them with your emotions, with your hard, in fear of the rejection and abandonment you may encounter from them. Will their be a grieving process that unfolds from this? Absolutely. The grieving can hit hard especially when you realize that not only have you “lost” normalcy in your life, but you have also lost the friendship you thought would withstand any storm. There is nothing “fun” in the broken journey but the rewards and blessing that flow in and through it are victorious.

I am not speaking on this out of theology, I am speaking on this out of experience. Unfortunately my family has experienced this over and over again in our lives and to be honest, the sting doesn’t get easier even though we know the truths.

In this current season of hard, as my health issues have deteriorated and have left us emotionally dismantled, both individually and as a family, I can honestly say we have felt so alone. The people we “thought” should be there are no where to been found. BUT GOD. God has sent angels in our pathway, the ones we never thought would or could show up, and He has sent us angles that have truly come alongside of us to walk this incredibly hard season out with love, with grace, with mercy and with perseverance.

Walking with the broken isn’t easy but it is what we are called to do. Take a deep hard look at your heart. God calls us to weep with those who weep, and to carry one another’s burdens. It is easy to look at someone else’s journey and to cast a stone, judge them or walk away. But let’s look at what Jesus does when He encounters the broken. He meets them on the ground. He meets them at the well. He meets them on a blanket by the healing pool, and He meets them as they are being lowered down through the roof. He meets them as they are barrel crawling on the dirty ground just so they can touch the hem of His garment and He meets them in their spiritual coffins to bring them back to life. He meets them in the valley, and He meets them in the fiery furnace. Jesus didn’t sit with the well, He walked diligently with the broken. So let me ask you this? If Jesus continually walked with the broken, even when He was faced with opposition, rejection, persecution and His own hard, what makes you think you are better than that and that you cannot? Maybe instead of “walking” away you choose to walk with?

I challenge you today to seek Gods face and ask Him to search your own heart because in the walking away not only are you walking away from a fellow brethren in need, you are walking away from your own healing journey. Just food for thought??

So, today instead of sitting in comfortable, in a place of complacency and a place you consider safe, why don’t you stand up and walk alongside someone who is hurting and needs to embrace the loving presence of God? Why don’t you get the focus off of yourself and ask God to show you who is broken that He needs you to come alongside? This isn’t about only attending to your click, your inner circle, your tribe, or your posey. This is about being the hands and feet of Jesus. This is about being obedient to His voice and showing up for the people you clearly see around you that are hurting and need a glimpse of hope.

Yes, it is easy to sit with those that have it all together but news flash they don’t. They have just been hurt too many times while letting people in that they have walled up their emotions and have probably made vows to never let anyone see their broken. Is it hard, is it challenging to walk with the broken? Yes but when walking with the broken not only are you positioning them before the healing hands of Jesus, you are also positioning yourself to encounter the downpour of His healing hands.

The roads can be bumpy, bruises may overtake your body but God never promises us easy. What He does promise is that He will WALK alongside of us. That He will never leave us nor forsake us. That He is our safe place of refuge and that He will go before us, leveling the mountains and make a way.

Today, let’s not focuse on the ones that should have walked with us and let’s fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfect of our faith. The one who has sent out His angels into our lives during a drought and who are pouring His living water back into our wells so we can produce a new harvest. God is faithful. God is good and He never fails..

Love y’all and praying you through ❤️?