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This past week I have been dealing with some of the heaviest, rawest emotions that I honestly have ever been face to face with. Wounds, insecurities, fears I was confronted with over 20 years ago came out of hiding as God began to unmask lies I have believed about myself for decades.

There was a life defining transformation that transpired a week ago in my life that has left me in a place of broken surrender.

I have shed off a huge piece of my past in order to walk in physical healing. In doing so I am freeing myself of what I thought I needed to be, an appearance that I thought would gain me positive attention and an image I hid behind to mask the deep wounds my soul was battling.

As I walk through the deformities and disfigurations in all of this, I am being challenged emotionally and physically as I confront my true identity and where it belongs.

God has been patiently walking me through a roller coaster of emotions as I re-learn to love and accept the temple in which He has blessed me with. He has been diligently faithful as He is working overtime to remind me that my appearance doesn’t define me. He is beginning to show me an inner and outer beauty that has been masked for many years as He showers me with an undeniable shalom peace, whispering ever so gently into my dismantled soul that my security and identity are in HIM and HIM alone.

Its funny how the enemy tries to fill our minds and souls with lies of who we are and who we are not. He tempts us in the way we need to look, dress and behave, BUT the Lord is calling all of us to unmask the deep, penetrating wounds of our souls so He can bring us to a place of liberating freedom.

So, for those of you are walking through the trenches of the storms of life and the invisible battle wounds of your past are beginning to show their visible scars, I want to deeply encourage you with this: God loves you, He is faithful and He will bring you through. Trust me, I am a walking and living testimony of how He can take a wrecked soul and redeemed it for His glory and good.

Allow Him to refine the fire deep within and watch your flame get set ablaze. Surrender and trust in His perfect plan for your life, He is that good ❤️

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