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A visual on how to guard your heart. Sometimes we feel safe with people and we give those people a green light into the depths of who we are, to the depths of our soul. We know that no matter what, these people will show up and they will see when we are hurting, come alongside of us, put their own needs aside and position us to be the best version of whom God created us to be.

The yellow light. Still uncertain if you can fully trust this person. Guarding you heart and taking it little by little to see if you can crack the window of your soul open to allow them in just a smidgen. These people are not fully in but they are not disqualified from sitting at your table.

The red light. STOP. These are the ones that have showed you their colors time and time again. These are the ones that broke trust, broke the gates of your heart and allowing them to trespass into your life only leads to damaged property. It is ok to STOP the access these individuals have into your life, your walk, your journey. These are the people that spill poison, toxic waste and debris into the already wounded cracks of your soul and it is time to put the red light up so they can no longer intrude into your temple.

The Lord has built a house in which you are living in and He has built a secured fence around your life to protect your walk, and the journey in which He is calling you to travel. The enemy will disperse individuals into your life that are solely on a mission to steal, kill and destroy any source of light and hope. God has given you tools to guard your heart, your land, your temple, the property in which He has entrusted you with. Stand your post. Know when the traffic lights of your soul need to change lights and be aware when a traffic jam is approaching. The vehicles of friendships can collide causing an unintentional accident that erupts the path in which your life is driving.

Be aware of who has access into your life. Be aware of the traffic signals that are around you and be mindful of the yellow light because although some may put their brakes on, some may speed up and accelerate into the wrong places of your heart, causing a head on collision, leaving you in an emotional coma.

God has a funny way of communicating with us and showing us the details in the direction He is asking us to trust Him in. Some travel below the speed limit. Some travel right at the speed limit, following all the rules and others live in the fine line of pressing all buttons, speeding along life not caring who might get injured In their carelessness.

Know who is who and approach each street you are traveling along with the right vision and clarity because you don’t want their insecurities to cause a haze of fog, blurring the road ahead.

Put your blinkers on so those around you know exactly who you are, what direction you are going and don’t question when you take a right or left turn in your journey. Remember some lights change quick, some a little slower, sometimes it just depends on the traffic flow. Know your flow and be mindful of those driving around you.

Put your hazards on when you are uncomfortable driving with those around you and slam on your brakes when you see danger signs, when you don’t feel safe and you know a destructive accident is approaching.

Remember God redeems, resurrects, heals and restores. Lights are meant to change and so are people when they allow themselves to be transformed by the light of Christ. Don’t be so stuck on their changing color that you diminish what the resurrected power of your stable, constant and illuminating light can have on their life.

Love you deeply and praying as you get in your God anointed vehicle today and drive the pathway in which He has put your life into gear, that you use the traffic lights of life to signal when it’s time to go, use caution or stop.

Sending big love and hugs your way