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Oh soooo need this. To be still and allow God to soak in and through me. As I lay here completely exhausted, not feeling well and in horrible pain, I am reminded that no matter how big the Giant before me is, the Giant inside of me is that much bigger and fighting this battle I am journeying through. I seem to forgot I can’t overdo it, which I am an expert at doing , and I need to rest. I want to be able to do it all and I tend to push myself beyond my limits. Right now I am reminded that I need to slow down, rest, allow the people around me to help me and be still enough for HIM to continue to strengthen me, uplift me, and heal me. Patience has never been one of my strongest attributes but I am learning SLOWLY but surely. God continues to amaze me and He knew I needed several days to feel normal again but in that time I tried to be normal and now I am paying for it. God is good all the time and through this He continues to get all the glory. To be still and to know HE is God is humbling. It means to stop, listen and allow HIM to do what only HE can do. Join me In being still enough to hear HIS voice and to allow HIM to work in and through us. Expecting mighty mighty things