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It’s when we are deeply rooted in Him, invested in one another and allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct our lives and our friendships, that we will really know the heartbeat of another person, of a friend.
When we truly seek and hear the Fathers voice, when we take time to know our relationships, when we take the time to hear the cries of another’s heart, we will know their silence is a place of unrest for their soul. We will know to reach out, show up and we will know to intercede, pray fervently and we will know to reach out our hands, embrace them and we will know to stand in the gap, showering them with His truth and love. It’s through Him we have hope and life and it’s through Him we have angelic relationships reflecting Him and His unfailing love.

Our silence isn’t always a time of respite. Our silence may sometimes be a deep cry of our hearts. It’s simple reminders like this picture that make me sit back in awe of all those who have been strategically placed in my life to intercede for me, love me and be so in tune with my heart and the Lords voice that they reach out in an act of obedience at just the right moment when I so desperately need a word of truth and encouragement.

Sometimes we need to be still enough to hear His voice, to stop and respond. Take time out of your business and spend time with someone. Get to know them, get to know their hearts and in moments they fall upon your heart, reach out and let them know how much you treasure them, how much you love them and let them know the impact they have on your life. You may be the light they need in their darkest hour.
Love BIG ❤️❤️