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This song brings me to my knees and tears in my eyes. I cannot truly describe to you all what my family has been through and walked through not only these past two years as my health as declined, but especially since March as I took a turn for the worse. I am not being dramatic at all but the reality is I was not at all in good shape, and we all truly believed I would not pull through all I was enduring. We ALL have been truly rocked. We have grown so much as a family and in our faith as we have been stretched and have truly had to rely on Jesus’s strength to keep us afloat.

As for me, I feel as though I am in a season of grieving yet highly praising His name. You see, although most of these months are a complete blur to me, I know one thing for sure. I never gave up hope or wavered in my faith, believing and proclaiming HIS victory over my body and on complete healing. When I was fearful and scared I played worship music to remind me of HiS mighty power and strength and I rested in HIS shalom peace knowing He had me and was fighting this battle with me and for me. I say all of the above because this is why I am praising Him. He truly rescued me, spared my life and had restored so many relationships through this and has restored so many souls. I remember talking to a very dear and special friend when I started getting better and discussing with her how God truly was watching over me and spared my life. Her response to me was this. There is a blueprint for your life and God did not stamp the expiration date upon it yet. There is much more for you to do here in the kingdom and your time here has not expired. WOWZERS, strong truth right here. We all have a blueprint for our lives and we all have an expiration date. However most of us don’t live as though our lives are a gift and we do not treasure the time we have here, impacting and imprinting Gods love on ourselves and others. If we truly realized how precious our lives and time here on earth is, I truly believe we would be living and walking out a life that was full of His faithful and unwavering love. Loving without borders and loving in a way that not only our souls would be change but all those around us would be changed as well. We have to remember His promises and truths and stand firm on this.. He is good ALL the time and His has for sure shown that through my life.

However, I am still in a place of grieving. I lost so much during this time and things have changed. My body is still journeying through all this and is still weak. There are times I had looked through my phone and was in shock with some of the text messages I had received because I truly do not remember talking with some people or even seeing people as they visited me. I feel as though I used up ALL that I had to stay alive and I truly feel I am in a place I need to be still and allow God and others to pour into me, to refill my soul. As I have been going out and seeing people, the amount of love I am receiving just blows me away. People I have never met come up to me so happy to see me out and about, that have been fervently praying for me and to see their faces light up with pure joy and HOPE, well that just ignites my soul. Why? because I am a living MIRACLE and Gods hands and feet were and still are at work. My continuous prayer throughout this journey was that people would see God. Drawer deeper into relationship with HIM and that the masses would come to know His great name. And I have to say, my prayers were and are still being answered. For that I am sooo beyond grateful and humbled.

I may not understand completely way I and we as a family had to walk through what we have had to walk through but I will say I am humbled and blessed that He chose me. This song, THY WILL BE DONE, well that’s the story of my journey. His WILL continues to be done in my life and all I have to do is surrender and allow HIM to do only what He can do. It’s a simple but such an extremely hard thing to do. You loose control but the amazing thing is you allow HIM to lead and guide and to be honest that’s who we want to lead because He has the most perfect plan for each of our lives, Jeremiah 29:11 tells us so. I fortunately and unfortunate lily had to take a leap of faith that was beyond my comprehension and His will was done. Are you willing and ready to take your leap of faith?? I promise you will not drown
Praying for you on this beautiful God blessed day ❤️❤️