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THIS is what I KNOW to Be TRUTH..

YOU are strong and courageous. YOU are the beloved child of God. YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made.YOU are chosen. YOU are set apart. YOU were created with a purpose and for a purpose. YOU have been redeemed and resurrected by the blood of Jesus. YOU know who you are and to whom you belong. YOU are being prepared, equipped and trained up for the anointed plans God has for your life. YOU are faithful. YOU are loyal. YOU are trustworthy. YOU were intricately woven together in your mothers womb and were gifted with ALL the tools you would need to fulfill Gods purpose for YOU here on this earth. YOU are a mighty warrior for the kingdom of God. YOU are an encourager. YOU have the gift of healing YOU are a leader. YOU are more than a conqueror. YOU are seen. YOU are heard. YOU matter and YOU are loved. YOU are worthy. YOU are enough. YOU are irreplaceable. YOU are indestructible. YOU are unshakable. YOU are a beautiful gift of Gods unending grace and love. YOU are a blessing. YOU are a treasured gem and YOU are an incredibly, gifted CHILD OF GOD.

Remember, no weapon formed against YOU shall prosper. The enemy came to steal, kill and destroy, BUT God came to give YOU life abundantly. God will give YOU the weapons, the tools, the strength and the courage to take down any sized giant set before you. With every emotional prison wall that seems to be guarding your heart, God will plow it down and He will set YOU free. God will go out before YOU. He will pave the way for YOU. He will lead YOU. He will walk with YOU. He will carry YOU through and He will be YOUR safe place of refuge. When the enemy throws obstacles out before you, God will pave the way for YOU and He will protect YOU. If God is for YOU, who can be against YOU?

Put on YOUR armor of God. Put on YOUR garment of praise. Walk in His unthinkable grace. Stand in BOLD confidence, being the best version of whom God created YOU to be and knowing everyone in the room is trying to be just a portion of who YOU are. Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord and run the race He has set before YOU, no one else, but YOU and run it with perseverance for He who began a great work within you will finish it until completion.

Now go out today being ALL God created YOU to be and show the enemy who is boss. That he has messed with the wrong person and today, YOU are taking back the grounds in which he tried so diligently to steal from YOU.

YOU are amazing and I am beyond blessed by YOU ?❤️??

Love YOU and praying YOU through