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If you know me at all and have been around me you know this is a powerful truth I speak on often.

I AM… These are words that come out of our mouths often and words that can be the beginning of life or death statements over our lives. These two words have the potential to hold power, destruction, encouragement or transformation in one’s life. These are words that can open the door for so many lies to enter into your life but they are also words that can hold authority in stomping out the enemy from tormenting you from the ongoing lies you have believed about yourself. 

When you state I AM you are immediately claiming a piece of your identity. If you say I AM and the words that follow are negative, demeaning or blatantly not true, you are CLAIMING that is who you are and you are giving the enemy an open arena to lead you down a pathway of false accusations over your life. For instance, if you state I am a failure, I am fat, I am ugly, I am unworthy, I am worthless, I am

not good enough: you are telling yourself and others that is who you are. You are claiming that as your identity and you are claiming that to be your truth. You are allowing a false identity to mask the truth of who you are and you are allowing a false identity to be the posture in which you walk life out in.

Now let’s take a moment to think about this. Are those “statement’s” really who you are? Are those “statement’s” truly who God created you to be? 

Reality and TRUTH check. The only thing that you are is a Child of God. Period and of discussion. There is no arguing this and there is no room for error. Scripture is very clear about the power of the tongue ands warns us over and over again how our tongues, our words are like a double edge sword that brings life and death. 

The words we speak about ourselves and over ourselves are hurting us, leaving us in a fragile and vulnerable place, being susceptible to the ongoing “false identity” attacks from the enemy. Our words are placing shame and guilt over our lives, leaving us bleeding out and even more wounded. Our words bring an inadvertent confirmation to the ongoing lies we have already believed about ourselves and they are cutting to the core of our joy, as they are killing, stealing and destroying our view of our calling and who God had created us to be. 

Where in scripture does it say you are a failure, a lost cause, ugly, undesirable, or unworthy? Where is scripture doesn’t say you are not good enough, disposable and replaceable? It doesn’t. But what scripture does say is that you are a Child of The Most High. That you are a Child of The One True King. The Bible says that you are HIS and that you are precious, loved, worthy, healed, amazing, and that fearfully and wonderfully made. That you are redeemed and set free. That you are precious in His sight, that your the apple of His eye and that you are His BELOVED, in whom He is well pleased. The Bible says that you are strong and courageous, that you are fierce warrior in the kingdom of God and that you are His most beautiful prize possession. 

Breathe all of that in. Allow these truths and the many more that scripture speaks over you to soak into the crevices of your soul. Allow these truths to be absorbed into your bloodline, and allow these truths to be the life source in which you have needed to hear to bring healing and your dead bones back to life. Allow yourself to sit with these truths as you hold onto them and grasp tightly to how deeply you are loved, valued, cherished and treasured. Allow yourself to rebuke and repent all the harsh words you have spoken over yourself and begin speaking Gods truths and promises over your life. Allow His anointed and purifying blood to wipe out the crimson stains in your life and allow Him to pour down His purifying words over your thought process as you replace the detrimental lies with life giving truths. 

Yes there are days when you feel down about yourself, your looks, how you many have acted or behaved. There may be days you have not achieved a goal you had set for yourself. Days you believed you could have done better on a test, convicted of how you treated a friend, a sibling, or a parent. There may be days you feel overwhelmed with sadness or there may be days that maybe you just need to step away from the noises of the world because the ongoing chaotic screaming is erupting any peace that brings you solace to your life. There may be days you go to the mountaintops to wrestle some heavy things out with the Lord and there may be days you just need to be still in the presence of Jesus. Y’all, that is ok. We all have those days and that is nothing to be ashamed of. 

But promise me this. On those days where you don’t feel like you are walking in the best version of you, lean into God, open up the scripture, ask God to lead you to a passage that will rejuvenate your soul and cling to the cross as you mediate on the words, the scriptures, the promises that speak life into who you are.  

Sit with the God that chose YOU out of this world. Sit with the God who hems you in from behind and before. Sit with the God who reaches out His anointed healing hands to carry you through, the one whom calls you by name and the one whom has an exquisite blueprint for your life. Sit with the God that promises His truth will prevail and sit with the God that brings beauty from ashes. 

As I tell my children when they start with their negative, unscriptural I AM’s, the only thing I want to hear come out of your precious mouths when claiming I AM’s is this.. I AM strong, I AM courageous, I AM worthy, I AM loved, I AM HIS and I CAN do ALL things through Christ that strengthens ME. I AM chosen, I AM set apart. I AM a conqueror, I AM redeemed, resurrected and I AM healed by the blood of Jesus. I AM called, I AM equipped and I AM more than enough.

If you are struggling with who you are and if you are struggling how to break free from the false I AM accusations you have been speaking into your life, then I challenge you to sit in the scriptures, sit in Ephesians 1 and 2 and read all that you are in Christ. Read all the I AM statements of who Christ has called you and ordained you to be. Write them down, pray over them and post them in places where you are continuously reminded of your TRUE I AM’s. 

Today start a new trend, a new routine, a new rhythm to the beats of your life as you begin a new normal with the words you allow into your heart, mind and soul. Be conscious, be mindful be intentional with the words you speak, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, (Matthew 12:34).”

Remember your words have the power to bring life or death. Speak life into your life and speak the true I AM’s and not the false I AM NOTS. Know you are amazing and know you are deeply, passionately and loved immensely. 

I am praying you are blessed in abundance today and remember your identity is in Him and it is to Him that you belong.