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The moments in time when you know the storm is coming and you take the tools in which you have been prepared and equipped with to weather the treacherous waters that are about to fall down upon you.

These are the moments you cling to the hope you know is set before you as you KNOW darkness will never overcome the light. These are the moments you cling to God’s truths and promises for you know His mercies are new every morning and these are the moments you cling to His promise that His Word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.

These are the moments in time you cling to His peace because He gives you a peace not of this world and a peace that cannot be taken away. A peace that surpasses all understanding and a peace that He leaves with you, and a peace that no matter how heavy the storm is, He will be your hiding place and your safe place of refuge.

These are the moments you cling to His love because His love never fails. His love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. His love is never ending and His love bears all things.

We are not promised that things will be easy in our journey. In fact, we are told in the scriptures that we will face trials, tribulations, hardships and we will face loss. However, we are also told that when we are going through the rough waters, the fires, and the valleys that God will be with us, leading, guiding and directing our steps.

Today, as you are being shown the storm that is on its way, prepare yourself for battle. Get into the Word of God and equip yourself with the tools you will need to slay any and all giants placed before you. Today as you see the storm approaching, stand in a posture of praise as you know that as the cloud is beginning to swell, that the tsunami of rainfall that will pour down upon you will bring forth new growth from a well watered harvest.

Today, God is preparing you in the little and in the big for what is inching it’s way towards you. What you do with the information will determine if you get blindsided by the hurricane or if you will dance in the storm. The choice is yours but I want you to meditate on this… If the rain is going to fall and you can do nothing to stop it, wouldn’t you want to be prepared so when the down pouring of rain falls, you get saturated with His truths instead of being left in a hopeless valley of weariness? I know I would.

Love y’all and praying you through ❤️

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