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For those of you that are trekking through a storm right now, this is a picture I want you to hold onto.

It’s a picture of a cross, of YOU standing your post while the storm tried to freeze you and take you down. Even though the blizzard, the cold, chilling freeze of ice tried to blow through you and knock you down, it didn’t. The storm will soon pass, it will be behind you and you will still be standing, with a brighter light glistening down upon you. That is the faithfulness of God ?

This is what it looks like to fight your battles. This is what is looks like to not waver. This is what it looks like to take your cross up daily, knowing God has you in the palm of His hands protecting you and carrying you through. This is what it looks like to see the light in the darkness and this is what it looks like you run your race with perseverance with you eyes fixed on Him.

This is what it looks like when God says no weapon formed against you shall prosper and this is what it looks like when you barrel crawl out of the valley, out of the darkness and into the light. His light, His glory, His love withstands the storm. I am not saying that you will not get frostbite and I am not saying you won’t need to thaw out some heaviness that is keeping you in bondage. What aI am saying is that if you embrace the storm, allowing it to purify you, you will stand with a fierce confidence knowing that you have been transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Cling to the cross, cling to Jesus and cling to the promise that He who began a GREAT work within you will finish it until completion. KNOW that darkness will never overcome light and know that no storm you are faced with is too big for God.

Hold onto the image of this picture today as you walk your tightrope of faith knowing that when you remain in Him, when you remain in His love, when you stand your post and do not waver, even when the heaviest of storms come your way, that with God you will overcome and you will experience resurrected freedom. Because this is what it looks like when you proclaim, to live is Christ, to die is gain. To God be ALL the glory!

I know so many of us are facing heavy right now, but God says in His word, come to me ALL who are weary and heavy burdened and I WILL give you rest. Know you are not alone. Know you were not meant to do this alone and know you were never meant to walk through the valleys and withstand the storms alone. I am here for you and will pray you through. Reach out and allow me in, allow someone in for we are called to weep with those who weep and to carry one another’s burdens, let me help carry yours.

Love y’all and praying you through ❤️??