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Woke up this morning being reminded of these flowers I handed out last week in bible study.

How God has placed a seed in all of us, the seed of Him and as we begin to reposition ourselves in Him, as we allow His light to shine down upon us, as we continue to fill our buckets with His living water, we all will BLOOM, at our own pace, but in His perfect timing. And as we bloom and receive all He has to pour down in and through us, petals will start to fall off, layers of things that we have been holding onto will be released but the stem will always remain. God will ALWAYS remain and He will never fade away. He will never wither and He will never lose strength in who He is.
He is the stem that continues to breathe life into our souls and He is the stem that births forth exquisite beauty in each of us
We all have a story, we have all withered a storm and we have all felt deep heartache. When we have thought there was no one to hold us or carry us through He has sent His angels to shine His light and give us glimpses of Hope.
He remains always… as we continue to press into Him, as we continue to allow ourselves to bloom and then allow ourselves to shed the petals in life that have kept us in bondage, remember the inner core of who you are. The inner seed that remains inside of you…God
He planted himself inside each of us. Scripture says He created us in our mothers womb, He knit us together. He is the light, the hope, the life and love in each one of us. Let us reignite that light and let us do so in a way that our light is blinding to all those who come into contact with us. Let’s begin to walk in His truths, His healing and His freedom and let’s position ourselves under His light so that others flock to us because they know God is with us.
Keep watering yourself with His living water, keep positioning yourself under His truth and His light and wait… watch the blissful beauty that blooms in each of you and watch how simply exquisite your souls will radiate Him
Praying today you see Him in all things and you hold onto just how precious and loved you are.. LIVE LOVED