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Oh how the purifying and refining journey can strip you of all the comforts you have become acostume too, leaving you in a vulnerable and transparent place so God can lead you down a pathway that wasn’t planned by you to travel but was nnecessary for you to journey down so the stripping of the grave clothes that have been weighing you down would shed off, brining you to a the place He is calling you to go.

Although the roads may be rough, or bumpy, leaving you banged up and bruised, when God leads you down a pathway in which He designed for you to travel, He will produce in you the strength, the courage and the perseverance you will need to tackle the obstacles set before in order for you to fully walk in anointing in which He has imparted over your life.

When we surrender our WILL to His WILL and we allow Him to lead the way as we walk boldly and blindly by faith, we begin to see prayers being answered and miracles unfolding. When we throw our nets into the deep, allowing God to stretch our faith and trust in Him, we begin to take God out of this minuscule box we have placed Him in and we begin to see the depths of how big and majestic He is. When we begin to embrace the little He has placed before us inorder to receive the BIG He has destined over our lives, we begin to see that God makes no mistakes and that He equips us with every good and perfect thing, we are able to confidently walk in His purpose for our lives.

When we can fully see outside of ourselves and see that God uses ALL things for His glory and good, we are able to set our eyes upon Him without clouded or blurred vision so we can clearly see the race in which He has called us to run.

When we know the diversion He has allowed us to travel was ordained by Him and wasn’t meant to harm us but build us up and mold into the best version of oursleves, we begin to breathe in and inhale that what the enemy meant for evil, God uses for good. We are able to see that our journey isn’t always easy but when we cling to God, His truths and His promises, we are able to see that what He doing in and through our journey of life is absolutely breathtaking.

When we realize our wounds, our shackles and our unprocessed grief hinders us from traveling the unknown roads God asks us to trek though, we allow God to produce in us a bold, fierce and courageous spirit that allows us to conquer any and all giants placed before us. When we stop our NO’s and begin to say YES to Him, we position ourselves to be available for the healing, for the freedom, for the exceedingly and abundantly more.

I am not sure about you, but as for me and my house, my temple, I am willing to take any and all detours God is asking me to travel because I know His plans for me far exceed the plans I have for myself. I am willing to die to myself inorder to be fully alive in Him, walking a pathway I know He has blueprinted out for my life. To live is Christ, to die is gain. So, I will skip, walk, and run to Him with my arms open wide because I know in Him, I will find refuge and I know in Him the impossible becomes possible.

So today, let’s look at the diversions, the detours, the closed doors as a blessing and let’s stand in a posture of gratitude as we know God is leading us down a road He knows we wouldn’t travel on our own, but a road He knows we need inorder to walk in His victorious freedom.

To God the all the glory and praise.