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Scripture is very clear about how powerful the tongue is and how it can bring life or death into someones soul. Words, statements, little innuendoes impact peoples lives whether you want them to or not. The words you speak will either deeply wound someones soul or they will edify, build up and bring life and hope into their lives.

I have been the recipient of both and it is deeply wounding when someone speaks negative, harsh hateful words towards you. However, when someone speaks life, hope and love into your soul, the outcome is beyond rewarding.

As Christians, we need to meet people where they are at in life, love on them and speak truth and life back into their lives. We are not called to judge someone and their actions but we ARE called to love one another as God has loved us. This simple yet powerful truth brings people hope and brings them to freedom. To speak truth and to show love brings those in darkness to light, those who are hopeless, hope and those whom have never experienced love, how to love. Don’t judge someone and speak ill words against them. Come alongside of them and  see the good in them. Encourage them and be the light that brings hope and love back into their broken soul. We are all wounded and living in a fallen world.  Don’t be the person that pushes someone over the edge. Be different, be intune with God and bless someone so deeply that it transforms their life. You may be someones last saving grace.