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Oh my WORD how I love this and how I hold this be such truth. This right here is what I have been diligent about teaching my children and what I have instilled into the foundation of their walk with Christ. This right here is the foundation to my family unit and it is something we do not take lightly. 

When God nudges your spirit, placing someone or something on your heart, obey and respond. Stop what you are doing, do not question the gentle whispers of His voice and step out in obedience to what He is asking you to do. I know it may seem awkward, outside of your comfort zone or nerve racking but reach out to that person even if it is just a text message, an emoji and let them know they are on your heart. Let them know you are covering them in prayer, that they are not alone and that they are LOVED.  

In Psalm 142 David cried out to God and said, “I look to my right and see no one cares for me, I have no refuge, no one cares for my life.”

Do you realize that is so many of us? So many people are walking through life feeling alone and unloved. They are feeling trapped, guarded and as though they are in an emotional and internal prison. The chains entangling their lives are getting tighter and tighter around their hearts and cutting off the circulation to the rhythm of their heartbeat. Many have no one to call, nowhere to go and no one to turn to. They walk around in a posture of defeat, with their heads face down as they are crying, even begging God for someone to take notice of them. They desperately want to be seen, and they desperately want to be LOVED. 

Be different. Be what the world tells us not to be. The Bible tells us to be in the world but not of the world, meaning LOVE differently, respond differently, show up differently and LOVE differently. LOVE selflessly and LOVE as Christ loves us.  

This is such a simple task yet so hard for most of us. We need to become selfless. We need to become less so that others may become more. Sometimes we need to put aside what we are walking through for a moment in time and be who Christ calls us to be for others. 

Make a difference today and every other day for that matter. Bring heaven onto earth and respond in obedience. That person God places on your heart was not on accident and it for sure wasn’t a mistake. God is choosing YOU, your words, your prayers, and your love to be the pivoting marker in someone’s weary day. God is choosing YOU to speak hope, life and love into someone’s deserted and desolate soulS God is choosing YOU to be His hands and feet. God is choosing YOU to lead someone out of darkness and out of hopeless. Your one phone call, your one text message, emoji, your touch, your embrace, well it may just be exactly what someone else has been on their knees praying for in order for them to find the light and hope they are have been so desperately needing. YOU may just be the one angel God is dispersing into someone else’s life because He knows YOU and only YOU can speak to them in such a way they they can receive the unfailing, anointed and healing love of Jesus. 

Do not discount the nudge today. Step out in faith, in obedience and be a light to someone else’s dark and weary road. Your simple hello could be someone’s life jacket in the tsunami waves they are raging through. Know your words matter and know your YES is someone else’s lifeline. 

Love y’all BIG and praying you all through