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Thank you all for standing in the gap for me and lifting me in prayer. For those whom have been asking about my health about 9-10 months ago I was diagnosed with Systemic Mastocytosis. I have been on some heavy medications for this and have been experiencing some complications from the disease in my GI system and with my heart. The latest which you all read about was my back issues in which I had an MRI on Friday and the results showed some bulging disks, some degenerative disc disease, a fluid pocket in my pelvis, what looks to be a cyst on my ovary and some narrowing of the spine. Everything was submitted to MD Anderson from my oncologist and I should hear from them in about 48 hours to schedule an appointment considering all my medical records and insurance get approved by them. I will continue to update you as I have more answers but I ask you continue to pray for me and my family. We deeply feel the peace that comes along with your prayers and are deeply grateful for them.

This past month and a half as I have gone backwards with my health my faith in God has grown deeply. I have come to a place of deep trust and surrender. A place of sacrifice, a willingness to be used no matter what the cost and an ultimate peace knowing God is in control and that He has me covered with His blood. The cry of my soul is to bring HIM praise no matter what I face. To glorify him and his great name for he is worthy, just and all encompassing.

I stand firm in this truth. No matter what the enemy may throw my way, my faith, trust and love for the Lord will not waver. I will proclaim his name, his goodness and faithfulness all the more louder and I will reach the nations declaring how awesome and powerful my God is. I have stated this before and I stand firm on it. The enemy will not take me down on my watch. He will not alter my faith and he will not stop me from doing what I have been called to do. I may grow weary but my hope lies in Him and as long as my eyes are facing upwards there is nothing I can’t accomplish. For all things are possible through Christ Jesus and my security and identity are in Him.

My prayer is that through my pain, my struggles and my life that the MASSES will come to know Him. If I have to suffer so that others may gain hope, light, freedom and an unfailing love, well I am ALL IN. For to me, to live is Christ, to die is to gain. Nothing will or can stop me. For my soul, from the inside out will give him glory and praise through and through. He is my rock, my shield, my comforter, my healer, my counselor, the ultimate physician and he is the Great I Am. I am blessed that he has called me by name, knows the beginning and the end and that he will guide me, lead me and hold my hand as he goes before me . I am thankful for the amazing grace and mercy that he pours out upon me and that he saved me, rescued me, and that he breathed life into my dry bones, breathing forth a spirit filled, Christ centered vibrant life. I am blessed, I am thankful and I am HIS..

Loving you all BIG..