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The cross is ENOUGH. God is ENOUGH.

No matter what you are going through know God will carry you through. No problem, circumstance or storm you are facing is too big or small for Him. He is a miracle worker and is in the business of redeeming, resurrecting, and making all things new.

Go before God today and sit at His feet. GRIEVE what has been lost and or stolen from your life and allow Him break the chains that have been holding you captive. You know that thing that you feel is too broken to be repaired. That thing you believe is too dirty to be cleansed. That thing that bares a heavy weight of shame or disgust, release to to Him and allow Him to do a mighty work in and through you. Lay all of it, your chaos, brokenness and burdens at the foot of the cross and leave them there. BELIEVE He is working all things out for your good and that He is preparing the way. BELIEVE you are worthy. BELIEVE you can walk in the victory of His freedom and BELIEVE you are more than enough.

He is the way, the truth and the light. He is the resurrected King that is resurrecting YOU. His light shines even in the darkest of days and the cross withstands any storm. Trust in the process. Trust in the journey He is taking you on. Trust that there is healing in grieving. Trust in His perfect plans for your life and trust in His timing. If there is one thing I know it is this. God is GOOD all the time. He is faithful. He is loving and He just adores YOU. Cling to His truths and promises. Cling to the CROSS.

Praying you all through ?❤️