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The heaviness of life has been a wrestle lately. So, today I decided to change my atmosphere and be still with the Lord.

Today after I dropped the kids off at school, and went for a quick workout, I went to sit by the stillness of the water to spend some time with the Lord. I needed to silence all the noises around me and I needed to listen for the gentle whispers He was speaking into my soul. I needed to be before the magnificence of His creation and I needed to be to reminded of how deep, how wide and how long His love is for me. I needed Jesus to come to my rescue, and boy did He ever.

Today I spent time in complete silence. I spent time in prayer and I spent time surrendering the burdens, pains, heaviness, expectations and disappointments to the foot of the cross. I sat with my arms wide open while in a posture of receiving all God wanted to strip me of so He could pour His healing love into my soul.

Then John met me and we went on a 4 mile walk over the ocean. The peace that surpasses all understanding fell down upon me as the wind blew through my hair and I was able to inhale in the purifying smell of freedom.

Today is what I needed to reset. It is what I needed to hear from the Lord and it is what I needed to take the next steps in which I know He is asking me to take.

What is God calling you to do that you keep brushing off and thinking the nudge in your soul will go away if you ignore it long enough? What do you need to do to silence the noise around you so you can clearly hear His voice? What is distracting you from experiencing the more from God?

Take time today, and go to a place where you can be still, let go and let God. I am telling you that once you say YES to God and what He is asking you to do instead of running from it, your dynamics will change because once you have those encounters with God, not only will your day change, but your life will forever be transformed and marked by the Holy Spirit.

Take time for YOU and watch the shift unravel. I am telling you that you won’t be disappointed when you step out in obedience to where He is calling you to go.

Covering you and praying you through ❤️
@averyhope09 @jordynvorlicky