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Sometimes life calls you to take a detour to the right or to the left because for the first time in a while you see that glimpse of hope arising as you see an illuminating light overtaking the skies, breaking through the clouds of darkness that have been hovering over your soul.

Today, I am not sure if you need a pit stop in your journey because the roads you have been traveling down have left you in a place of heaviness, of defeat or in a downcast posture. I am not sure if the dark clouds surrounding your life have been so thick that the down pouring of rain has left you saturated with pain, heartache, shame, guilt, hurt and despair. I am not sure if the lies you have believed are trumping what you know to be truth and I am not sure of the ongoing crashing waves in your life have been so treacherous that you are so emotionally weak that you can barely hold onto anything that has purposeful meaning because the thread you have been grasping is about to snap.

We are all walking through something right now. Some are wearing fancy masks, some are wearing distorted masks, some may have their masks halfway in and halfway off and some are just walking maskless. Some are trekking through the days soaring high while the others keep falling into etched, barely able to stand up because the bruising is too deep.

Today, as you stand before the Lord in surrendered faith, I want to encourage you with this. No matter how busy life is, no matter the rush you are in to get to the next destination, take that detour, take that pit stop you know God is asking you to take. Step out of your car, step out of your own ways A’s listen to the beautiful sounds of His voice, the natural beauty He is unfolding before your eyes and ears. Let you heart be vulnerable to the sounds of the waves He is crashing in on your life rebuke the damaging waves the enemy has tried to torment you with. Be still enough to see the light shining in on the dark crevices of your soul and allow the arising sunrise of Him, His truths and His promises to permeate through every morsel of your being.

Do not be in such a rush today that you miss the divine moments of God. The moments He is calling you too and the moments He wants to shower you with His favor, His grace, His mercy, His resurrected healing and His divine love.

God is placing magnificent beauty before your eyes. He is allowing you to hear a different rhythm and beat to your life through the ocean waves and He is whisking His gentle breathe within the winds to still your soul. Be still enough today to hear His voice and be willing enough to respond in a way that detours you from your own will to THY WILL.

I know for me and my temple, this is exactly what I needed this morning to reset, refresh and refocus. I knew I needed this moment in time to hear a different beat of crashing waves. I needed to see the skies light up with His faithfulness and I needed to breathe in the purifying freshness of His love for me this morning. I needed a moment in time when I was obedient to the direction God was asking me to drive and I needed to feel His wind across my face because all of what I allowed myself to experience this morning within a five minute timeframe, broke chains that were holding me hostage and allowed me to experience Jesus in a way that healed my soul.

Maybe you need the same? Sometimes you need to just step away from your routine, knowing you might be late, in order to breathe in the goodness, the faithfulness and the power of God.

Praying blessings upon blessings over you today as you stop yourself in your tracks to be still and know He is God.