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When the view is this gorgeous, you have to pull off the side of the road and breathe in the beauty of God. You stop the rush of trying to be on time so you can breathe in the majestic beauty of Gods creation. You stop so you can quite the noises of the world in-order to hear the depths of the ocean waves. You stop to be still before the presence of God because in the midst of chaos, in the midst of the unknown, in the midst of the business of life, you need that one moment in time where nothing else exists besides you and your Abba Father. You need that moment in time where you gaze upon His exquisite handiwork to be reminded that you are not alone. You need that moment in time to be reminded that He is waking beside you, that He has not left nor forsaken you and you need that moment in time to quite your soul so you can hear the gentle whispers He is speaking into the depths of your being. You need the still moments to feel the gentle nudge He is pushing you in and you need those still moments so you can surrender the burdens and the hardships you are heavily carrying, the ones that you were never meant to bare.

Today, take those moments where you pull off the side of the road in which you are traveling because your journey has become overbearing. Take moments to be still before the Lord so He can shower you with His shalom peace, and bring you to a place od solace within Him. God breathes life into collapsing lungs and He brings healing to the soul. Be still today. Find a quiete place where you can come before the Lord in complete surrender. Find your place to relinquish the depths of the valley and a place where you can leave your grave clothes behind. Find a place where you can lay all of you at the foot of the cross and a place you know you will encounter the living, breathing, truths and promises of God. God is purifying you and He is bringing you to a deeper level of healing and redemption. Allow His anointed hands to stretch down upon you so He can embrace you with His lavishing love and bring resurrected healing to the intricate parts of your soul.

Praying for you all today. Praying for those moments in time today where you are transformed by His presence and by His love. Take time for you today because you are amazingly awesome and this world, well we need YOU and the giftings God has imparted into you. Praying your day is blessed in overflowing abundance as you breathe in His mercy, His favor, His love.

Remember you were created with a purpose and for a purpose and remember you are deeply LOVED.