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The moment you are in the midst of a storm and you feel soo defeated and broken-hearted. When you are in your bed sobbing and crying out to the Lord and your 8 year old daughter comes into your room, sees you crying and speaks incredibe GODLY wisdom over you.
Mom, why are you crying? Looks me straight in the eyes and says, “Do NOT allow the enemy to distract you from what God is doing.” Then she climbed into bed with me and hugged me soooo tight. BAM, Talk about changing the atmosphere… I held her tight and sobbed even harder because in that moment Deuteronomy 6 ran through my head, raise your kids up in the ways of the Lord, and in that moment I realized all that I have been pouring into her, she was now pouring over me.. God used her in profound ways ??
My precious Avery spoke anointed truth over a hurting soul. Gosh I love her and love how it’s sinking in and she gets it..
Your darkest moments become your greatest blessing, a transforming truth God has been speaking to me over and over again today. If all I walked through today, all the pain, hurt, rejection was for this divine moment, well I raise my hands up in Praise and adoration because this my friends is all worth it. It’s is WELL with my soul. ┬áNothing I mean nothing compares to watching and seeing your children walk in and live out HiS truths.. AMAZING ??
For He brings light into darkness, hope to the hopeless, for NOTHING is impossible through Christ Jesus ??
#raisingkingdomkids #shegetsHIM #alreadyhealingthebrokenhearted #wisdombeyondheryears