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Yesterday water damage came to the house and sealed off all damaged areas downstairs because things are not drying up. ? Basically it’s my dining room, hallway to my master bedroom and kitchen. He will return back at 9am today to see if this method was successful and if not he said he would start some demolition today, meaning he would have to start cutting drywall.

This guy Corey from water damage is absolutely amazing and is doing a hands down fabulous job. Please pray God shows him exactly where to cut. That if there is any hidden mold behind the walls that He would reveal it. That things they thought were dried up that truly are not will be revealed and that No corners would be cut in trying to salvage something that needs to be completely demolished. Corey said there was a great deal of damage but assured this crying soul he was gonna take good care of us..

The plumbers will come out at 8:30am today to assess the cause of the flood and the adjuster said after he gets that report we will set a game plan in action. The adjuster will come out Tomorrow around noon and we will start assessing all the damage with him.

These past two days have been HARD days for us. The tears are flowing, the kids anxiety is increasing as things continue to change and there is nothing normal or stable in their lives right now. I continue to hold them tight position and reposition them before the Lord, we go before HIM in prayer and thanksgiving and we praise HIM for Our Safety, that we are all together and for everything He continues to bless us and provide us with.

We have a journey ahead of us but we know He has us in He palm of His hands and is carrying us through. The enemy is trying hard to come in and steal, kill and destroy. We stand firm on Him and His promises and we will not be shaken. With every set back we face, I take a deep breath in, inhaling HIM in and begin rebuking the enemy. Claiming who we are, to whom we belong and that he will not have any rule or reign over me, my family or what we are facing. He will not take us down, infact, we will stand stronger and proclaim HIS faithfulness and goodness louder and in more profound ways. BOOM.

Listen the enemy tried to take down the temple and Jesus rebuilt it. There is no doubt the enemy tried to take down my house because it is a house of worship and mighty anointed things are happening in the kingdom through ministry. But just as Jesus rebuilt the temple He is also rebuilding my home, Everything about my home. We are seeing a community come together and love on us, provide for us and take care of us. We are growing as a family, we are growing in the Lord as we lean into Him and we are growing as a family as we lean on one another. We serve a mighty and faithful God and like I tell the kids, we are in the opening act of this story but HE knows the final scene and I know the story might have some ups and downs but I Know through this the multitude blessings that are about to shower us and pour forth on us will be so profound we will sit in awe and amazement of just how good HE is.

That’s what’s keeps me going, that’s what gets me giddy and that’s what gets me excited. What man says is impossible GOD says is possible. He is paving our path and directing our steps and His ways are greater than ours. I am praying BIG and I know He will show up and show off even Bigger.. Greater He who is in me than He who is in the world. The God in me/us is greater than the giant in front of us so we suit up in the armor of God and go in fighting this battle knowing He is fighting with us and for us and that HE has already won and the victory is ours. AMEn

Please continue to pray for us . We are Praising Him in the storm and thanking Him for y’all who have loved us and prayed fervently for us