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Rejected, abandoned, emotionally drained, lonely, unworthy, unlovable, disposable, disappointed, whatever emotion that you are facing that is defeating you, know that God calls you His child and lavishes you with an abundant amount of love. There is nothing that can separate you from this love. God is a God of healing, redemption, resurrection, making old things new, and restoring what no one ever thought could be fixable. Set your eyes on Jesus because with HIM NOTHING is impossible.

Trust me, I have and continue to walk through most of these emotions, but God is soo much bigger than these. I have hope, faith and life through him and his love. If it weren’t for his unfailing and faithful love I would never get out of the deaths of despair. I have been redeemed, I have been healed on so many levels and when I feel most alone, I remember to whom I belong and the peace that surpasses all understanding runs through my inner most being and I am resurrected. Trust, seek and you WILL find.