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True revival is not going to break out until we come to terms with the brokenness we all face. When we can truly surrender our own lives over to the Lord, allowing Him to strip down and purify out all that is keeping us at a distance from Him. It’s time we look in the mirror and stop seeing ourselves with a veil over our eyes. We need to come face to face with the deep wounds of our soul. We need to suit ourselves up in the Armor of God and fight the  pain, rejection, and abandonment the world has thrown at us and we need to take our axes and begin to throw them at the wall we have securely placed around our hearts. It’s time to aggressively take down the enemy and throw back the fiery arrows he has relentlessly thrown at us. It’s  time to regain our ground as we stand firm on who we are and who God has called us to be. It’s time to shatter the protective wall that has guarded our hearts and it’s time to truly know and experience the deep, lavishing love of God. It’s then, when we allow God to take all our broken pieces and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece (Joel 2:25) that we will find true, redemptive healing. When we are able to experience His restorative healing we will first hand experience an explosive revival amongst us because its when we can truly love like God, being Jesus in the flesh, that the masses will experience an episodic encounter with HIM that will truly transform their lives. 

God is Love. It’s not what He does it’s who He is. That is what He is calling us to be, LOVE. It’s not an action He is desiring from us, it’s who He designed us to be. It’s what we are.

Knowing our identity in Christ, let’s begin to walk fiercely in this LOVE and stand firm in who God has called us to be, allowing His supernatural love to spark a flame within our souls and igniting a revolutionary revival. 

Bring it on Jesus 

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