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Someone tonight needs to be reminded that the storm has not taken you out. The wind has not blown you over and you have not drowned. You need to be reminded that the battle has already been won, the enemy has already been defeated and JESUS’ victory on the cross births forth a living hope, forgiveness and a purposeful life that cannot be stripped away.

So if you are down on the ground, trekking through the days, barely keeping your head above water and feeling hopeless, I ask that you muster up enough faith, enough strength to stand back up and adjust your sails. If the enemy has not taken you out on your worst day, he for sure will not take you out now.

YOU my friend have unshakable strength. God’s WORD says in your weakness, He is your strength. Allow Him to be your strength in the weakest points of your life. Allow Him to piece back together the broken pottery that remains shattered within the crevices of your soul. Allow Him to reconfigure, compose and mold the most beautiful work of art His hands have ever created. Breathe in that you are noticed. Breathe in that you are His beloved and breathe in that you matter. It is then when your Jericho walls you have securely placed around your heart will come crumbling down and you will see without clouded vision the exquisite masterpiece He imparted into you.

Are you ready to reset your sails? Are you ready to venture out into the open sea, throwing your net into the water, launching into the deep, walking boldly by faith as He says, come follow me?

Know you can do this because HE has you. He is your Comforter, your Prince of Peace, your Healer, Miracle worker and He is the Great I Am. It’s time friends. Adjust, reset, do whatever you need to do and launch into the deep. Don’t look back, just keep your eyes focused on Him and allow Him to lead you into the unknown. Remember, He is your refuge and your safe place. All you need to do is be still and know He is God.

Praying you all through ?❤️