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This…. I love it

You never know someone’s story. The journey they might have endured and what they have had to walk through to get to where they are functioning today.

So many people are walking around beside you broken from the roads they traveled. Some may be shattered. Some dismantled, some are barely keeping it together and you would never know it.

My challenge for you today is don’t judge a book by its cover. If the Lord places someone on your heart reach out to them. You might be the one who God is sending their way to bring a glimpse of hope back into their world. Your words, your message, your voice, your encouragement may be the answer to their ongoing prayers.

Never discredit yourself from being the one that God is using to uplift someone else. Never discredit yourself from being the one that could be changing someone else’s trajectory, their atmosphere, the way they perceive what is unraveling in their life. You just might be the angel God is dispersing to someone else in order to help reposition them before His anointed, healing, resurrected power. You may be someone’s saving grace.

So, what might feel uncomfortable for you today might be someones last cry for help. Step out in obedience and follow the lead of the Lord. Remember God makes beauty from ashes. He turns graves into gardens. He turns our mourning into dancing, and He takes what has been broken or shattered and creates a beautiful masterpiece out of it. Trust Him!

Praying that today you see someone’s wings and praise God for the journey they have walked through.