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imageOnce again my beautiful friend Trudy Rexford Doornbos captured an amazing photo.. Her quote she used today. “Try to be a rainbow is someone’s cloud”
Where you see someone struggling, in confusion heading in the wrong direction, bring them truth, bring them love and bring them the promises and covenant of God. These truths will break through the foggy cloud and pierce their soul, leaving a transforming impact on their lives.

Trust, seek and you will Find him. He so deeply wants a relationship with you and is willing to go to extreme measures to meet you where you are at and love on you in such a way that you hunger and thirst for more of him. He will not disappoint, in fact he will do the complete opposite. Once you find him and welcome him in you will be in complete awe of his faithfulness, goodness and unconditional love. You won’t look back because once you grab onto him, you will hold on so tight and the only place you will be running is straight ahead into his arms and into his freedom. He is TRUTH, he is LIGHT and he is LOVE.

Love you all deeply