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I love how God continuously reveals himself in the Scriptures and places certain words before us to remind us HE is walking with us every step of the way. For me, the past couple of weeks God has brought several Scriptures to me that talk about being embraced, protected and covered under his wings. I love it because those are the words I needed to hear and embrace. You see, he tells us in Scripture that he covers us with his feathers, protects us under his wings and his faithfulness is our shield.

You see, no matter what we are going through, no matter how hard the journey seems, he is covering us, protecting us and shielding us. He is soaring though our journey with us and He will never let go. He will hold you tight, guide you and love on you through the process. He lavishes you with his love and he promises never to leave you or forsake you. Allow him to swop you up so that together you can soar high above the wings of eagles. Your current situation might seem dark but his love and faithfulness will lead you to light. It’s time to take your sunglasses off, see the blaring light before you and its time to be blinded Jesus.