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imageOn Sunday at church I was loving on sweet Jordyn. I was cuddling and kissing on her and just embracing her presence. We were in our own little world and then she stepped away. She looked at me and said mom, Jesus wants to tell you something. I replied, “what does he want to tell me?” She looked at me with this deep passionate look in her eyes and said, “HE LOVES YOU.”

Be still my heart. Tears came to my eyes as she spoke love and truth into me. Words I so needed to hear and words that pierced my soul. Words I believe she heard from HIM and words to which she was obedient in sharing. Words to which she truly felt and words to which built her faith as she spoke them and saw the impact they had on me.

Lately Jordyn has been saying things and when I ask her who told her that, she replies Jesus. This sweet little angel has an anointing on her life. There is something different about her, something angelic. When she speaks you want to listen because it will be profound and when you are in her presence you will truly feel loved and adored.

This precious soul has walked through so many trials in her short little life and never complains but finds joy in whatever she does. She loves the Lord, finds truth in HIS word and recites Scriptures when she feels afraid, incapable and insecure. She says, I can do all things through Christ Jesus and that Jesus is her security. She knows how deeply John and I love her but most of all she knows how much the Lord loves and cherishes her.

I write all this to say, God is using this precious soul to speak light and love. Something I have prayed over her and all my children. Don’t take the little things for granted. God uses us all and when someone speaks to you, especially a little child that says they have heard from Jesus, take a step back, listen and breathe it in. They could be the words you are deeply yearning to hear and God has sent his angels to speak life back into your broken soul.

I pray Jordyn continues to walk in faith, hear from the Lord and I pray she continues to be fearless in speaking his love and truth into others lives. I promise you that when you encounter her, when you are in her presence your life will be transformed by the outpouring of love she exudes.

My prayer for you all today is that you wouldn’t take the little things for granted and that you would truly embrace all that is around you. That you would breathe in his beautiful creation and that you would be still enough before him to embrace his presence and love for you. ┬áHE loves you deeply and will go to the ends of the earth to make it known to you just how much he adores and cherishes YOU. Take it all in and hold on tight. He is faithful, he is just and he is passionately in love with YOU.