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Came into my room tonight and sweet precious Avery had tapped this to my night table. She has such a sympathetic empathetic soul and her heart is aching knowing how terrible I feel. She has a gift of encouragement and wanted to do something to make the me feel better and she for sure put a smile on my face. Love her, love the gifting’s the Lord has placed on her and I love that I get to hold her and call her my daughter. Melts my heart and makes my eyes tear up. To see her hurting for me but to step out and encourage me through it, wow I am blessed. Forever grateful that God gave me her ❤️❤️

Avery’s simple act of love is a reminder that no mater what we are going through, no matter the pain or suffering we encounter and endure, we still need to love on those who are hurting, walking through trials and are suffering. Love how God uses the innocence and purity of a child to remind us how big he is and how much he loves and adores us. Today, no matter what you are facing reach out to someone who is hurting and broken, they might need a word of encouragement to carry them through. Be Jesus in the flesh and show an exuberant amount of love to them. Be blessed