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This was two years ago when I spoke at the conference “What Would Jesus Say To The Sexually Wounded?”

This picture, this memory, there is so much depth and healing that has transpired since this was captured…

A little over two years ago I took a posture of complete surrender. I jumped out of the boat to go deeper in my healing as I no longer wanted to survive. I wanted freedom, I wanted compete healing, I wanted to thrive in every aspect of life. There were many dark days. Valleys in which I was submerged in the trenches, Stuck in inconceivable ditches and I didn’t believe I could ever crawl out of them. But as I continued to trust and seek the Lord, as I continued to allow Him to be my strength. As I allowed Him to pull off the bandaids of deep rooted wounds I loosely nurtured, He stripped away the masks, tore off the grave clothes I layered myself in to protect my heart and He began unraveling pain after pain. It was then that I embraced Him in ways I never could have imagined and it was then I began witnessing one miracle after the other.

I can honestly say I am who I am today because I relinquished all of me to all of Him. I took a bold step of faith so I could fully fall into His arms, allowing Him to lead me beside quite waters so HE could still my soul. He fed me spiritual food and quenched my thirst with His living water. He took me from being wrecked to being fully redeemed in Him. All I can say is to GOD be ALL the Glory.

Thankful* Humbled*Blessed

It is ok to admit you are broken. It is ok to admit you are not ok. It is ok to take a posture of being on your knees in complete surrender and it is ok to relinquish all of you to all of HIM. He will meet you. He will speak into the depths of your soul and He will bring you to a place of healing and redemption.

I cannot say the journey through healing is easy. In fact, in can be down right grueling at times but what I will say is that the sweet aroma of His love, of His healing fragrance and of His freedom is well worth it all. Step out in bold faith today and take the posture of relinquishment, of complete surrender. God is faithful and He will NOT fail you.

Love you all. Here for you to lift your arms up and carrying you through. Covering you all in prayer ?