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Whatever you are being faced with, whatever you are walking through remember this and hold onto it with a tight grasp. Greater HE who is in me then he who is in the world. Inhale that and breathe it in until your bones are chilled by these words. The God in you will ALWAYS overcome what the devil is trying to take you out on. The chaos, the anxiety, the fear, the treacherous storms, that failed relationship, the poor choices, the deep pain your soul has undergone and you feel you will never be whole again. Tell the enemy NOT TODAY SATAN. The enemy will never win. Not now, not ever. Remember Jesus already won the battle and the victory is already ours. So let’s begin to activate it and walk in that victory for our lives. 

I am praying that you allow God to use your situation and your circumstances to purify you and resurrect areas in your life you have been running from. Praying you allow Him to meet you in your desperation and allow Him to speak life and love back into your collapsing soul. Remember He uses ALL things in your life for the good of His glory. Meaning, the good, the bad and the ugly. What you are walking through will be a testament to His faithfulness and goodness and He will use you, your journey and how you overcame adversity to bring light, hope and life to someone who is spiritually dying. 

So I am praying that with each step you take, that you operate in the fullness of the victory, the gifts and the anointing He has placed over your life. Praying you stand in a posture that is lifted up to the presence of God as the pureness of light radiating from His face drips down showers of blessings over you and your circumstances. 

Praying for moments of stillness with God today where His presence is so powerful that you fall to your knees in praise and worship, knowing He is lavishing you with His redemptive love. Praying for moments of alone time with God where His light overshadows and overcomes any darkness that you feel is hovering over you. Praying you wait on HIM, in silent expectation, standing firm on His truths and promises to CARRY you through. 

Praying you know the battles you are facing are not your but His. Allow Him to go before you so He can fight with you and for you. Praying you come to a place of complete surrender, releasing all of you to all of Him so He can strip off the excessive burdens that you were never meant to carry on your own. Praying He disperses His army of angels around you and that you can embrace the hands and feet of Jesus in ways you never envisioned before. 

Praying for an overflow of His infinite love to consume you as He breaks off the shackles that have imprisoned for years. God is good and He will never reject you, He will never abandon you, He will never shame you, make you feel less than, unworthy or unqualified. However, what He will do is embrace YOU, comfort YOU, strengthen YOU, invite YOU in, shower YOU with His shalom peace, let you know how worthy YOU are and He will bless you time and time again with an indescribable amount of LOVE. Yes, He is that GOOD

Praying y’all embrace the fullness of who God is and who He has created you to be. With Him you can confront, conquer and do ALL things through Christ who give you strength. Lean into Him today. Relay on Him to show up and surrender your need to fix it all. You got this but most of all, He has you. 

Sending y’all Big anointed Jesus love and hugs 

while I am Praying y’all through ❤️❤️

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