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I ask that you please continue to do so..
Subday, We pulled up to the house after driving 17 hours back from our 2 week family vacation and walked in and things just changed for us??
We walked into a flooded home. I mean something went array in my upstairs bathroom which lead to my master bedroom ceiling falling down, water pouring out of my ceiling and it was everywhere,
Throughout my master bath into my closet. Walls, Carpet saturated. Water seeping through wood floors in kitchen, baseboards on kitchen walls are lifting up.
Upstairs carpet destroyed and went from bathroom into two of my kids rooms and play landing… Ugh not what we could have ever imagined or expected
We will be homeless for quiet sometime (meaning not in our home)
The water damage people came super quick and got all the carpet up in master, closet and where there was damage upstairs
We are staying at friends and will call our agent first thing tomorrow since they are closed today to see what’s next
Our house is unlivable right now. The mildew and mold smell is bad
Major water damage to a large part of the house, mold is already beginning to grow and this was just a nightmare to come home to, to say the least…
We were gone for two weeks so I do not know how long this was going on for.. it had to have been long for the all this damage that took place
The praise.. we are all safe, all together and our house is still standing. The Lords hand is in all this and All these things are replaceable and fixable it will just be a little journey ahead of Us.. sigh
The enemy cannot and will not take us down in this. We came together last night and worked together and people showed up.. soooo thankful for the army God sent in the middle of our crisis
Please please please pray we get a good adjuster. One that sees all the damage and that doesn’t cut corners, with my health I cannot risk anything here ???please Pray for the next steps, pray for wisdom, for our family, my kids they are all upset and confused and their little hearts are sad. a place to stay, which He is already providing us with, and just that Gods hand would continue to lead and guide us. That we continue to look to Him and praise Him in all this. That He would get all the glory and that people would come to know Him through our trails. Praying an overflow of Him and His blessings and that we continue to lean into Him for strength, peace and comfort ❤️??

Honestly I am sooooo thankful we just came off an amazing two weeks in Florida and in Disney, we are all safe, all together and this is all replaceable and fixable.. it sucks but it’s ok. I was just praying thanking Him for His hand in this and for the behind the scenes
For I don’t know what His plans are but He does and I am thankful for that and that there is hope. It gives us opportunity to grow as a family, rely on Him and to speak Him to tHe workers that will be in our home rebuilding it
Thankful for friends and even though we don’t have our home to live in right now, we have a roof over our heads, food on the table and an overflow of blessings and love
Thank you In advance for the love and prayers