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Hard to believe one year ago today this is what we walked into after our two week vacation. 

I have shared this multiple times and I will share it again. 2018 was one of the hardest seasons we have walked through as a family. Not only did our house flood but our lives flooded. Our family was shattered and we held on tight to the truths and promises of God to carry us through. We clung to the cross and stood firm in our faith, knowing there was victory to come on the other side of the treacherous storms we were faced with .

I say all that for this right here. There were many dark and painful days in 2018. Days that bring me to tears when I stop and think about them. Days I did not know how I would survive and days I didn’t want to survive. The depths of what we walked through individually and as a family nearly broke us. 

So many people have asked me if I was ready to put 2018 behind me and as crazy as this sounds my answer is NO. As hard as this journey has been, as I reflect on all that God has done in and through us this year, I cannot help but praise HIM for the purifying, redemptive work He has done in each of us. 

It is truly mind blowing and only God. The healing and restoration that has taken place would leave you in awe. 

Gods hand was in this all. He was our strength when we were weak and He opened the eyes of our hearts to see where He was leading and directing our steps. He slowly began to piece our brokenness back together as He allowed some devastating circumstances to bring us on our knees in desperation for HIM. 

No, I would never want to repeat all that has transpired this past year but I thank God for allowing us to walk through this season because we have first hand witnessed Him heal the brokenness of our family and WE  have seen the impossible become possible.  We have seen miracle after miracle unfold and we have gained life long friends. He has escalated and elevated our faith and we have truly walked in the grace of His redemptive love. 

So, as we say goodbye to 2018 and welcome in a New Year, I sit her with a heart filled with LOVE and of true worship. A heart that is grateful for all we have endured and a heart that praises HIM for choosing us. 

I know amazing things are ahead of us not because it’s a new year. But because I serve a loving and faithful God and a God that goes before me to levels the mountains and cut down the bars of iron. A God that promises me In Romans 8:28 that He uses all things for the good of those who love Him according to His purpose. I serve a God that promises me in Jeremiah 29:11, that He knows the plans that He has for me, Plans to prosper me and not harm me. Plans to give me a hope and a future. 

This is why I know 2019, 2020 and the years to follow will be amazing and prosperous years because no matter what I am faced with, the hills or the valleys, I know with God all things are possible. I know He has me and whatever situation I am faced with and I know through it all He will purify me and bring me into a deeper relationship with Him. 

So to that, farewell 2018 and hello 2019. I am ready for you and ALL that you have planned and orchestrated out for our lives. Excited for the journey ahead and I cannot wait to see the many blessings and miracles you are about to pour down upon us. Praising HIM BIG 

Happy New Years ???