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My view today while at the doctor’s. Many have asked lately how I am doing and well that is just a difficult question. Some days good others terrible. Some days functional others non functional. Some days pain free and others debilitating pain. So, when you see me out and about and ask how are you, my answer is ok. The Day to day is unknown but in the midst of this unknown I have a constant that I know will carry me through. God’s faithfulness has yet to disappoint. Even the days I feel hopeless He shines His light reminding me He has this, He is in control and His story is yet from finished within me. The testimony of how He meets me and carries me through is yet from over.
Lately my bad days are becoming more frequent where many tears are shed and I am in bed in terrible pain. The fear of “is this really my life” creeps in and well it just get me sad. But here is what is so amazing. My “good” days are spent making incredible memories with my precious littles and although John and I have had our hands thrown up in the “what’s next” God blessed John with an appointed and anointed encounter with a doctor Saturday at the gym and well for the first time I feel like there is hope and an end in sight to fighting these ugly diseases.
Jesus won the victory in Calvery and I truly walk and live in that victory. I believe that things happen in Gods timing and well it could not have been more perfect. Today a doctor saw how sick I am and made it his priority to make me feel well. He has reached out to many colleagues in many states explained my situation and has the masses praying for me. Today a doctor made it his priority to see me and begin a cleansing In my body to rid all the toxins that have been placed in it and it is his heart to see me truly walk in the freedom of healing offered by Jesus.
Today is the beginning of another journey, one that I need to be patient with and be in fervent prayer. Although my day has been spent in terrible pain and in bed, today a new faith and a new hope arises because I truly believe the mighty hand of God is truly at work.
So as I sat with an IV drip in my arm for over 2 hours today I gazed out the window, looking at this beautiful creation God placed before me and I was reminded that even though I may feel I am In the wilderness, In the forest trying to find my way, Gods light will always shine through, Guiding and directing my every step. That even though I may be lost, He has my hand and He is leading me down the path to HIM and even though I may seem hopeless at moments, I have never wavered or lost trust or faith in the fact that He has always gone before me giving me the strength I need to make it through and to persevere. God is faithful and God is just. My prayer throughout my battles have been that His name would be praised, honored and glorified. That people would come to know HIM and grow in their relationship with HIM and I believe the best is yet to come. Healing is in His hands and there will be a day of no more pain, no more tears and I will be dancing once again because my body will truly show HIS miracles of complete healing. BIG praises. Please continue to join us in prayer. This journey is not over and my story is still being written. ❤️
Love yall beyond