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In the midst of a crisis it so easy to loose your faith. We tend to run around with our heads barely above water and we tend to go into survival mode. We forget the promises of God and His promise to be our strength when we are weak. We try to control things and forget that God has already gone before us and conquered the grave. As I am faced with yet another life altering crisis in my life, I find myself on my knees crying out, “I NEED YOU JESUS, COME TO MY RESCUE” The reality is, no matter what I am facing, either big or small, I constantly need the power and presence of Christ.

However, in the midst of crisis when my faith and hope is dimmed out. When my flesh tells me to take control of my life and that I do not need help from anyone I am quickly reminded of these truths.. In and thru all things I will praise His holy name.. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. When I pass through the waters, he will not let me drown, when I pass through the fire, he will not set me ablaze. He is The Lord God almighty and he Is already fighting this battle for me and with me. I will sing HIs praises through the valley of the shadow of death and I will fear no evil. My God is the God of Israel. The father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. My God is faithful and will not give me more than I can handle. Trials, perseverance and freedom. All things are possible with Christ Jesus..

Our faith is not based on seeing or believing that God can do all things. Its KNOWING that he can conquer and DO ALL THINGS. Our faith is based on Jesus’ love and righteousness. Our faith is based on His promises, His provisions, and His faithful and unfailing love. Our faith is based on knowing HIM and our identity in HIM. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the beginning and the end and he is the GREAT I AM. He is the one that goes before you, paves the path for you and He is the one that is on the front line of each and every battlefield we face ready to slay the giant.

You see, no matter how hard the enemy tries to beat us, tear us down, cripple us from seeing the healing, powerful presence of God, he will NEVER DEFEAT us. When you think you are at your lowest point in life, when you feel like you are gasping for air just to take another breath, When you feel like your cries, your desperate pleas are not being heard or answered. Drop to your knees, lift your head up high and sing HIS praises. He promises that every tear, every cry of your heart, every prayer you pray is heard. He is weeping with you. His heart is breaking just as much, if not more than yours is. Your crisis, your life situation is not too big or too small for the almighty, all powerful God. The question in the midst of all things is, DO you trust him enough? Is Christ enough for you even in the darkest, most heart wrenching moments in your life? Is he sufficient enough to carry you through? To give you the extra strength, or even the extra push you need so that in that moment you don’t drown?

He says that with even a mustard seed of faith mountains will move. Its not about not having enough faith. Its about KNOWING and not doubting how mighty and how powerful HE is. For nothing is impossible in and through Christ Jesus. So my plea to you is this, and trust me I need this as well. Seek him, trust him, knock on the door and ask him if you could come in. He wants you. He wants me. He wants us to know him and trust him in deeper deeper ways. He wants us to know that no matter how big the mountain, how low the ditch, that he will be right there to carry us through. TRUST and you will find nothing like you have ever experienced before. You WILL encounter Him and you will find a supernatural love that will lead you to ultimate healing and freedom.. How exciting